30 December 2015

Those violent, knuckle-dragging Neo-Con...

...wait a minute...warm squishy liberalsHmmm... Roland Windsor Vincent... that sounds so familiar.


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...exposes violent western Canada cowboy subculture in shocking headline...

Alberta man arrested after Air Canada flight forced back to Toronto
Just another damn Alberta shitkicker... uh, wait...
Jaskaran Sidhu of Fort McMurray, Alta., has been charged with two counts of mischief, assault causing bodily harm, and endangering the safety of an aircraft.
Great Gamil Gharbi, Batman!


LAST WORD: #BlackLiesMatterToo
A year-long Washington Post investigation revealed that the high-profile deaths that spark so much media and activist attention — “white police officers killing unarmed black men — represent less than 4 percent of fatal police shootings.”
Funny how little you hear about the other 96%, because... professional journalism.


Bill Elder said...

They just keep getting weirder and more violent every day don't they

- and the MSM acts like leftard murderous intent is righteous - having these nutters threaten you with shooting is like a hamster threatening you with a mauling.

I must admit having a tinhorn like "Ronald" making death threats to 40 million gun owners without fear of reprisal, really demonstrates how level headed armed Americans really are - and how unhinged the left fringe is.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........roland should disappear for such threats to conservatives. he should be given what he seems to want for conservatives.

Neo Conservative said...

there is a belief on the left side of the political spectrum that they are not bound by courtesy or reason.

witness the belief that members of a visible minority cannot possibly be racist.

for all their talk of knuckle-dragging neocons, it is invariably the so-called progressives who call people names and make threats against their persons.

i had a persistent commenter here, who left comments daily... fixating on my appearance... he was so sure i was fat and bald (which was pretty amusing to those who actually know me)... and another who would rant about hitler and n*ggers... and yet another who fantasised about firebombing my house.

check out proggie sites like rabble and you will soon see a pattern.

roland is simply a more colourful iteration of the progressive landscape.