08 December 2015

Because, let's face it...

...12 billion dollars a year doesn't go as far as it used to...it's just money, right?

“It’s time for a new fiscal relationship with First Nations that gives your communities sufficient, predictable and sustained funding. This is a promise we made, and a promise we will keep.”

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...but who actually benefits here?

Let's ask Henry Sharphead...
For managing a band of scarcely 2,000 people, Mr. Sharphead makes, after taxes, 30% more than the head of Canada's fourth-largest province.
Lest you imagine that's some sort of anomaly...
"At least 80 aboriginal chiefs and band councillors made more money last year than Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and at least 200 were paid more than their provincial premiers, according to newly released federal figures."
Remember, one of Justin's election promises was to repeal audit controls on the billions of dollars given to aboriginal chiefs.

Speaking of "financial relationships"...
The Musqueam band in 1995 tried to raise the rent to $36,000 a year, which sparked a legal battle that ended up in the Supreme Court of Canada. That court determined “fair rent” at six per cent of the current land value and capped the rents at $10,000 a year.

The lots are serviced by the City of Vancouver, to which the owners pay taxes.
Remember, bands of migratory stone-age hunter-gatherers own the whole country.


LAST WORD: No Homicide Detective left behind
Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the government will consult the families of victims over the next two months to get their input into how the inquiry should be designed and what it needs to accomplish.
Sweet Baby Jebus.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........I can no longer get there from here. the way is blocked by stupidity.

Bill Elder said...

Libranos rev. 2.0 setting up a vote plantation with our safety and stolen cash.

I have yet to see either MSM or Alt. media openly reveal the logic behind the Lib dole outs for Multicult and immigration - that being: Multicult promotes ghettoization and self-imposed apartheid of ethnic groups and spending on Multicult is funnelled into these ghettos to secure loyal voting bases

-same for this unvetted IS immigration, these people could have been resettled in the ME for less per capata costs than importing them here and supporting them - but that wouldn't create dependency on Librano largesse and secure a dependent voter base.

The last thing Liberals are is "humane" - unless you define humane as being venally self interested

Neo Conservative said...

every time trudeau opens his mouth, people start to reach for their wallets.

it's a canadian thing.