07 December 2015

A billion here, a few billion there...

...pretty soon you're talkin' real money...more Liberal bait & switch
The Liberals had promised the lost revenue from their “middle-class tax cut” would be offset by a new tax bracket for income of more than $200,000. Federal sources confirm the numbers do not balance, which will add to government deficits in coming years.
Of course, it turns out this particular election promise will actually cost Canadians 2 billion dollars. Don't worry, though... the Liberals have an answer for that... they assume you'll run down to Walmart and spend your share of the "tax cut" on plastic lawn furniture and cheap sweatpants, which, in my humble non-cabinet ministerial opinion will actually stimulate China's economy much more.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau added that the middle-class will “invest” the proceeds of the tax cut in the economy, predicting it will stimulate growth across the country.
Let's review Justin's record so far.

We've got... a refugee plan that will cost billions and potentially import fundamentalist fifth columnists, a climbdown on those offices for military veterans... and 3 billion dollars for carbon credits which will likely end up in a Swiss bank account to buy Lamborghinis for Field Marshall Bongo from the Congo.

Remember, Canada... you voted for this.

I think I'm gonna need some of Justin's legal dope to take the edge off here. Sunny ways.