28 December 2015

Too much money in your pockets?

Kathleen Wynne is gonna fix that...

Back in the real world, the idea of Wynne’s incompetent, spendthrift, debt-ridden government lecturing Ontarians about not saving enough for retirement - and that she has a plan to fix everything - is absurd.

When combined with another Liberal money-sucking scheme - cap-and-trade - that should be enough to put the Ontario economy under water for years.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........wynne and all those who support her are morons, mental midgets. what the hell is wrong with people? this idiot says disposable income will be up by 2045, that is thirty years from now. I know I will be dead long before that and those who are in their forties now will bear a burden second to none in the country to pay for this idiot liberals stupidity. They will be in their seventies and reap nothing from wynnne's tax and smash policies. stupid, stupid people.

Bill Elder said...

Never was the time more ripe for a tax revolt -but the zombies will just keep taking up the tucas and cling to the false hope changing regime will stop the plunder.

That remote out of province retirement property is looking better every day. I will not allow these predatory degenerates to steal my life savings to cover their criminal fiscal malfeasance.
If you have mobility, leave the imbeciles who support this criminal regime to pay their bills

Neo Conservative said...

we have friends who winter in arizona... a prospect that becomes more attractive daily.