07 December 2015

But if you claim you're...

...a Kardashian sister trapped in an old man's body, you get your own TV show...what's the difference here

MOORE, SC • Deputies said a Charleston man who told them he was “turning into the Hulk” was arrested after causing a disturbance at a bank Thursday morning.
Life can be so unfair.

Think this sort of argle-bargle isn't happening here?

Think again.


Frances said...

Neo - what's a "Kardashian"? If you are talking about the person once known as Bruce Jenner, my only comment is that anyone who is still sporting "wedding tackle" is a man.

Bill Elder said...

Wow looking at that mutant's picture you can see the results of some grotesque Neanderthal inbreeding

- I mean the berserker, not Hulk - Hulkster is Kewel.

Neo Conservative said...

if bruce jenner is a celebrity... why is this guy regarded as crazy?

they both believe the same thing.

give this guy some surgery & steroids and a custom spray on tan... he is the hulk, right?