16 December 2015

They call it... "Journalism"

Rule #1... "If you can't say something nice..."jill the ripperRule #2... "Mitigate the crazy..."are you fucking shitting me?Rule #3... "If you can work 'white privilege' into the narrative... so much the better.


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Rule #4... "Make the accused into the victim."poor murderer

"She seems very quiet, very demure and obviously very shaken by what's going on," said Gary Batasar, Yordanos's lawyer.
Say, Gary... how did her infant son seem? Oh, that's right... he's dead.

In other GTA news...
Unlike other domestic abuse cases, she didn’t have to endure “tremendous pain or discomfort before she died,” lawyer Brian Burgess told the court.
Yes, Counselor... because your client shot her in the head.


UPDATE: In case you didn't get it the first time...

...that stabby woman deserves your sympathy...poor, poor psychopath**********

UPDATE2: In other "professional" journalism news...

The CBC deathmongers are outdoing themselves today.


Bill Elder said...

Slight correction on that header Neo - they "disguise" it as journalism.

Any cognisant sensate person can see that the MSM is just another vehicle for authoritarian statist activism. They do this by legitimizing the fraudulent/despotic premises of political correctness (Cultural fascism)

Political correctness is a socially malevolent population control doctrine fostered by a sociopathic, irrational fanatical minority, and rabidly pandered to by a rent-seeking corporate media which holds forth the proposition that it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

"Journaists" are the vanguard of making the public see the clean end of the turds they produce.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

a more apt definition i have yet to hear.

and prime minister care bear has promised yet more money (on top of the billion per year they already receive) to the mother corps(e).

it's 1984 all over again.


Bill Elder said...

Well Neo, after we have all been thoroughly media conditioned to accept that non-western cultural violence in the multicult ghettos is a matter of white privilege and middle aged white Christians selling knives to these historically aggrieved cultures, prepare for "Knife control" coming to your local hunting and sporting goods store.

I can see some Peel or York regional culture warrior police bureaucrat running up an arbitrary list of commercially available cutlery and classing them as "restricted", "really really restricted", "prohibited except for us"" and "instant death just to look at double secret prohibition"

If white privilege had not created a society where white men sell knives to the non-western cultures of "peace", the multicult utopia would not have been shattered by "western white privilege violence" - it's all because they became corrupted exposed to our privileged weaponized culchur donchaknow