10 December 2015

Just remember...

...when that first inevitable beating, rape, murder or nail bomb shatters your naive complacency... it wasn't Stephen Harper whose "sunny ways" & "outward hearting" made the tragedy possible...insert text hereThis just isn't the same thing as bringing in bringing in a bunch of Tool & Die journeymen from Glasgow, or multi-generational dairy farmers from the Netherlands...

"My final point is that the Middle East is a tar baby, and takes up far more American bandwidth than it deserves. There are no real nations there, just tribal and religious warfare. It is a pre-national, semi-civilized part of the world. There will be no end to that in our lifetimes."
Thank you, yet again, Prime Minister Care Bear.


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...that's considered entertainment?

Call me a naysayer, but I'm just not sure Hockey Night in Canada is gonna meet some folks expectations...
Allahu Akbar,” the crowd shouts...

Horrific new video shows Islamic State militants beheading two “magicians” accused of sorcery as a crowd of people cheered. Children were among those witnessing the beheading, which apparently took place in Sirte, Libya.

Video shows the militants sharpening a machete before presenting the men and preparing them for death. The video cuts out as the men are killed, but puddles of blood are seen on the ground, and lifeless bodies are later put into the back of a van.
I'm just a little unsure our new Islamic neighbours are gonna fit in around here.


Anonymous said...

old white says...........I repeat myself day after day. the people of Canada are so stupid it is hard to believe. I cannot imagine a rational, intelligent people allowing an avowed enemy into their backyards. I want to say things to these fools but I know I would be censored. It will be sufficient to say that I hope that any Islamic violence is visited upon those who support this idiocy.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... I want to say things to these fools"

well, i suspect there will be a period of relative calm, as isis will not want to close down the refugee pipeline prematurely... but, trust me, there will be a reckoning... perhaps then folks will realise just what they have done.

hopefully, the toll on innocents will not be too horrific.


Bill Elder said...

I tend to agree with Maggie - the whole Jihadi-ISIS-Islamo-Terrorist thing is being worked by both sides of the propaganda war, primarily from nuke-rattling chicken hawks in the pentagon and NATO who need to sell some tin-can ordnance to keep their corporate-crony hollowed out economies afloat and venal socialists who are building a dependent multicult vote ghetto, disarming the public and growing the police state culture.

As I see it, these Islamic terror cells are just the unrefined Middle East equivalent of international crime gangs like the Triads or Yakusa crossed with the xenophobic violence of the MS13, Bloods and Crips with some ethno-tribal BS like the Indian Posse and Redd Alert then add a dash of Islamo-retard arrested cultural development and you get the current Jihadi foamers doing facebook decapitations over Wendy's Bacon wraps.

This Mooselimb gangsta death cult kak won't fly in Canada, and the first signs it is establishing itself here(like hearing “ALLAUA AKBAR” shouted at a leafs game to announce the monthly box cutter attack in the nose bleed seats),will be a political “taps” bugle call for the idiot son who Canadians perceive as inviting it here.

We went through this crap with Sikh bombers, Jamaican gang bangers and inner city Native crime, all in the name of securing the Liberal multicult ghetto vote base - I believe Canadians (even the ones who have not seen through this yet) are dubious at best about this refugee narrative and ready to read the riot act to these venal Liberal ethnic ballot pimps when things go horribly wrong.

Will the Liberals abandon their dangerous unvetted Islamic immigration and Islamo-fascism coddling when people have had enough of the fallout? Does Pinocchio have a pine nut sack?

Dance...dance to the radio said...

Mulcair, the dual citizen of France, refused to relinquish his divided loyalty,
He did not shave his beard, despite the fact that no leader of a western country has had facial hair in the past fifty years.
Aside from Angela Merkel.
He allowed the camera to focus on his crazy eyes.
And he fumbled away the election.