21 December 2015

Trudeau government guts Revenue Agency...

...Canadians will no longer be subject to yearly auditing of their finances under a new... wait a minute...our aboriginal brothersOkay, false alarm... apparently this only applies to our aboriginal brothers & sisters...

OTTAWA — The federal Liberal government showed more solidarity with Canada’s First Nations on Friday as it lifted sanctions against indigenous communities that have not complied with a Conservative spending-transparency law. Bennett... also said she’s suspending court actions against those First Nations not complying with the law.
So, more special laws... for special people.
Aaron Wudrick, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's director, said the move makes no sense.

“A law without consequence for non-compliance is a toothless law,” he said. “As such, soon many First Nations people across the country will again be in the dark as to how their elected leaders spend public dollars. Suspending enforcement of this law is wrong, and completely undermines the very principles this government claims to be advancing.”
What do our aboriginal friends say?
Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde welcomed what he called a “new approach,” predicting it would result in “real accountability by all parties.”
So Perry, removing the legal requirement to be accountable will result in "real accountability?" No wonder people living on reserves are shitting in plastic buckets and drowning in substance abuse, family violence and assorted endemic criminality.

I wonder... would removing the onus to momentarily cease forward motion at stop signs improve traffic safety?


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...maybe trust-fund millionaire Justin can explain it...
University dining halls aren’t exactly famous for serving gourmet dishes, but Oberlin students say their meals aren’t merely bad—they are racially inauthentic, and thus, a form of microaggression.

Liberal students at a Canadian university, for example, recently shut down a free yoga class for disabled students because yoga has its origins in Hinduism, meaning it doesn’t belong to white people and they shouldn’t practice it.

There’s something deliciously ironic about Oberlin students—some of the most privileged people in the world, as evidenced by the $50,000 they pay annually in tuition—whining about the bun-thickness of meals prepared by lowly paid cafeteria workers.
Perhaps the "End Times" are, justifiably, truly upon us.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........not much to be said about this. outrage is a waste of time. the stupid freaking liberals are brain dead. I wish the country would go broke so the people would rise up and destroy all those who wish to destroy us. make no mistake, their policies will destroy us.

Anonymous said...

I feel like crying like Justin did but for different reasons. I see some universities like Thunder Bay and Regina are making it mandatory for all students to take one course on indigenous studies before graduation.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........if we have to flush money to Indians I would suggest giving everyone on reserve property their own pension cheque at 18 years of age. cut out the middleman, close down indian affairs, fire all the bureaucrats and safe us maybe 5 billion dollars. let them pay for all the costs related to running reserve property out of their own pensions. poor water systems, fix it yourself. no transportation fix it yourself. in fact start doing as we have to, and that is look after yourselves.

Bill Elder said...

Liberal times are hard times - prepare for 2-tiered policing, and color of law legislating - one law (draconian and rigidly enforced) for "old stock" productive Canada and another (get out of jail free cards) for the stable of perennially aggrieved interest groups the Liberals are grooming into a multicult vote ghetto/plantation.

Interesting how The EU's premier leader, Merkel has denounced multicult as an utter failure which builds "parallel nations within the nation" but our PM drama queen and his Selfie party haven't the slightest intent of learning from Germany's disaster - full speed ahead with "heart-outwards" , Head-downward kiss your butt goodbye ligislated oblivion.

Frig, I dispise the arrogant little twerp as much as the original.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... I wish the country would go broke..."

no worries... justin's working on that too.


Martin said...

George Orwell would take his hat of to Bennett, what could be more in the spirit of his language model than increased accountability through non compliance? Bennett appeared a shrill scatterbrain in opposition, but as Minister over the huge FN budget, she is a worrying choice.
If anything was required to give unscrupulous Chiefs more incentive to misappropriate funds, this should certainly do it.

Anonymous said...

This is simply quid pro quo... in other words, "Liberal" gangsters paying back the Indian gangsters for their loyal support in the election... Next on the list for reversing transparency are the Union gangsters. No need for Union gangsters to be transparent in their political spending now that the Liberal gangsters have taken over the treasury. Vote "Liberal" and avoid accountability to the taxpayer, and thats just what the Indian industry and the corrupt unions did and now they're being rewarded for their loyalty to the Libranos. Gangsters helping gangsters third world style. The good news is the Media and their Unions will also be rewarded by the Libranos for their campaign. Isn't it funny when Jethro Trudozo talked about how the Libranos being transparent during the election and is now doing the opposite, that was funny one.

Anonymous said...

I think wasting time on indians was stupid to begin with. They want to be left alone, leave them alone. Just go back to having inquiries into their poor living conditions every few years and ignore them the rest of the time. That's perfectly acceptable to Canadians. As long as the money keeps flowing into the chief's pockets they'll shut up.

Neo Conservative said...

how about we start all over and throw out special status for designated groups of people? no more aboriginals, no more hyphenated canadians... we all get treated as equals before the law.

the mohawks at bay of quinte, brantford & akwesasne came here from new york state after my wife's loyalist ancestors. why have we set up a pemanent welfare state for them?

and, for the love of gawd, consenting adults should celebrate whatever they want to do with their genitals... providing they do it discreetly, and stop wagging them in everybody else's face.