15 December 2015

The one election promise...

...the Liberals will be sure to honour...pass the cheesies

Will clerks be trained to recommend different strains of weed for the discerning toker? How will in-store sampling work? Will the LCBO give pride of place to “artisanal” pot from Ontario, as it currently does for locally-produced beer and wine?
Time to pull out the ol' Cheech & Chong records.


Will the "closed" signs now read: "Dave's not here, man?"

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I got nuthin'.


Anonymous said...

Probably not at the S.A.Q. in Quebec as they are much more commercial than the L.C.B.O. The huge emphasis on sales in Quebec won't match the story of selling pot.

Neo Conservative said...

well, let's face it... who needs more doctors or nurses when you can sit around and get high on "justin's primo" (trademark pending)?

with the newly announced 25 billion dollars per year deficits pending, i may just dedicate my life to getting high and protesting social injustice.

it's way easier than holding down a job and raising a family.


Martin said...

Wynne's salivating at the revenue to be had by marketing pot, suggests earnest handwringing over which stores get to sell the big bags, which ones are limited to 2 oz bags and which grocery outlets get to handle it.What of the (230) Agency LCBO outlets, which Wynne doesn't admit exist. Will they sell pot along with bread, beer and beans?
Not your grandfather's Ont for sure.

jwkozak91 said...

1.) Will the LCBO stores be open longer? It'll be a human rights violation if they aren't./sarc

2.) Will the "closed" signs now read: "Dave's not here, man"?

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... Dave's not here, man"

or my all-time personal fave... "it's raining cats and dogs out here, man!"


Bill elder said...

Why are they doing this? Because grooming children for sex is not stupid enough for committed clowns

Bill Elder said...

Lesse now the gummint got de booze, gambling and dope monopolies now, all it will take to complete the transition of vice rackets from the mob to the bureaucrats is running the hooker industry - that is definitely on the table, I think the school system will start this out by pandering "sexually aware" children to pervs.

Organized crime made legal by enlightened Proglodytes.