06 December 2015

"Say, honey... could you stop at..."

•...the grocery store on the way home... we're all out of milk, assault rifles and hand grenades...•

farmers, hunters & target shooters•"And don't forget, there's a sale on Koran toilet paper."•


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Evil stainless steel out... only plastic cutlery allowed in USA from now on...

Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment a knife-wielding attacker was Tasered by police after injuring two people in a terrorist attack at a London tube station. Scotland Yard has now confirmed anti-terror police are investigating after eyewitnesses claimed they could hear the man shout 'this is for Syria' and 'all of your blood will be spilled' during the frightening ordeal.
Only a matter of time, Toronto.


UPDATE: Your moral & intellectual superiors...
Other newspapers, however, expressed the need for voters to support candidates they would otherwise abhor in order to keep Marine Le Pen’s party from the gates of power.
So much for simply reporting the news.


jwkozak91 said...

1.) The New Yorker's view of the United States.

2.) The couple is not morbidly obese, and looks like Sen. and Mrs. Rubio.

Neo Conservative said...


i must have i missed the new yorker cover of senator edward kennedy holding mary jo kopechne's head underwater.


Bill Elder said...

Frik, I hear ya loud and clear about the metro areas being prime operations centers for these freaks, GTA will certainly provide a target rich environment for Truedough's new IS migrants - like rabid dogs among sleep-walking sheep. Sheep who always vote for the wolf party. I'm glad these urban septic tanks are pretty much fly over country for me .

It's just unfortunate this UK outburst of misunderstood religious peace did not have a happy ending with another demon-worshipping wank dispatched by police like a rabid dog. Goblin goes to goblin world with his 17 virginia hams and we cleanse the gene pool of another hydrophobic berserker - a win-win situation as I see it.

Tasers, pffft what kind of wimpy police response is that to a terror caller? Hope the UK issues city cops some special Jihadi shredding ammo and shooting hardware. They need something that will penetrate both sides of these foamers and remove about 40% of their body weight doing it, so there is no doubt they will not pollute the multicultural mosaic or insult taxpayers by getting free room and board in club Fed. Perhaps special Hornady ‘J’-Max 165 gr. bacon tipped daisy cutters for special duty police Jihad watch? I suspect we are only seeing the beginning of these lone wolf Jihadi knife attacks.

Neo, we should revisit this urban lone Jihadi thread at some future date after Trudeau's taghut imports have not met his expectations of Canadian values.

Anonymous said...

Probably Muslim converts getting ready for a holiday party at work.

Neo Conservative said...

the only countries in the world where i can imagine a store that sells assault rifles and hand grenades would be places like, well... syria.

but that's not what the liberal media is saying, is it?