15 December 2015

Everything you need to know about...

...Canada's national broadcaster...compare and contrastRemember... this is all about $90,000... which, unlike the proceeds of every other government scandal I can think of, was actually returned to government coffers.

Now, don't get me wrong. Duffy is a crook, a greedy small-minded grifter. He deserves to be pilloried in the Sparks Street Mall... and I'm not using the term "pilloried" figuratively.

Thing is, he's a crook the same way a government official trying to flog, say... a Shawinigan golf course, who is revealed to be putting pressure on another government official to lend a shitpile of taxpayer monies to other people interested in, well... buying a Shawinigan golf course... is a criminal.

Of course, we the people are all complicit in these types of crimes. The Canadian Senate, for all the talk of sober second thought, is simply a featherbed in perpetuity for party shills and unelectable bagmen. We all know that... but we do nothing.

None of this is new or particularly elusive information. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll read about it at the CBC.

Here's an experiment... try searching on the recent Ontario auditor-General's report at the CBC website. It led me to a webpage that showed general info about the website itself. I tried it all kinds of ways and got zip. But that's what the CBC does. It's a vast propaganda organ to advance socialist idealogy.

You have to go elsewhere to get information about the left leaning parties in Canada...

"A big, complicated and massively costly government screw-up, in contrast, sometimes leaves people cold."
suck & blow
"Let’s see if this warms you up."

On Wednesday, Ontario’s Auditor-General announced that, between 2006 and 2014, thanks to incompetence and mismanagement on the part of the province’s Liberal government, Ontarians overpaid for electricity to the tune of $37-billion.
That's 411,000 times more money than the Duffster stole, and believe me, there are no Liberal operatives stepping up to replenish the kitty. Am I the only person left in Ontario who knows how to do basic math?
And over the next 18 years, consumers will be overpaying to the tune of another $133-billion.
There's a number too depressing to feed into the calculator.


UPDATE: Duffy testimony goes pear-shaped
One hour into the cross-examination in his own criminal trial, Sen. Mike Duffy had already lost his temper and admitted to major errors in his memory of how he got appointed to the Senate.
But, of course.


Frances said...

At least Duffy was only on the hook for about $90,000. Former senator Mac Harb "retired" to a rich pension (senator, plus MP, plus ? city council), but only after repaying $231,649.07. He's the former Liberal MP from Ottawa Centre who - after being appointed to the Senate - miraculously lived just far enough out of Ottawa to claim maximum expenses..

Bill Elder said...

There were 23 other senators nabbed in this expenses fraud - most notably 7 liberals who had stolen over $20K and not paid it back - but Duffy was different because there was a thin chance he may lead the blame back to Harper - so he gets all the mendacious media attention - essentially this trial was media -instigated and pressured into existence - proving the media is no longer a separate entity from government but an active partisan player in it (an unelected one) who actively sways elections with fraudulent intimations.

4th estate gone 5th column.

As for the Wynn-McGuinty e-energy malfeasance, this will ultimately FXXk Ontario permanently - as a process/production engineer privy to manufacturing sector stats, I can state that this alone ( electricity costs) has deindustrialized Ontario within a decade - Ont. has less than 10% of its large scale manufacturing base left and that is transient, it also has the highest number of minimum wage jobs in North America (edging out the southern states by several percentage points)

It is Canada's rust belt, needlessly self-inflicted - look at Detroit-that will be Hamilton/Cambridge/Windsor/Oshawa in 5 yrs time

- but you can sooth your pain of unemployed squalor with some cheap LCBO pot.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... the former Liberal MP from Ottawa Centre"

that's funny... i didn't see months long, 24/7 coverage of mr harb or the 2 dozen others.

i guess that's why it's called "professional" journalism.