31 December 2015

The very richest are able to quietly...

"...shape tax policy that will allow them to shield billions in income."
Think this sort of thing doesn't happen here in Canada?
A plan to create a flat hydro distribution fee will force up the bills of the province’s most modest electricity users to the benefit of power guzzlers.

It’s Robin Hood in reverse — it will mean the small customers will subsidize large customers.”
Dream on.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........no one, repeat, no one except those on the inside of the sleazy politics in Canada ever gains anything. this country has been screwed up big time since PET was PM and things have just gotten more and more expensive with every election, no matter who is elected.

Bill Elder said...

To be honest this is the same plan the PCs had with Ontario Hydro since Bill Davis. What was not present in that rationalization scheme was the inflated cost of production and taxation of energy we have garnered under the current kleptocrat regime.

Davis did not treat the hydo-electric resource as a personal social experiment or green energy racket. His plan made it possible for standard consumers to pay mere pennies to subsidize the energy use of big employers like Stelco and the auto industry - and Ontario energy was the cheapest on the continent in those days.

Fast forward to the current klepto-criminal regime in TO and their panic to sell off hydro One to save their debt-ridden credit rating and use the portion they retain as a patronage tool to get energy- reliant industry (what's left of it) into the Librano payola rolls.

It's a clandestine plan with malfeasant political intent at it's core and this is what you have come to expect from the pervy, bent skanks in the legislature these days.

Anonymous said...

And all those people who switched to gas to get away from the cost of heating by electricity are getting screwed.

FoxtrotBravo said...

In my view,the very richest person should pay the exact same $ as the hobo living under a bridge. In what kind of perverted system are some people forced to pay more for the exact same piece of the pie then someone else? It's stupid, I hate it. I neither blame someone for their failures, or begrudge someone of their success -- it's none of anyone's business what someone else is doing. Take the total cost of govt and divide by the number of people using it. End of story.

Neo Conservative said...

please excuse the time it took to respond here... holidays and all that.

i agree with foxtrotbravo that we should not be punishing the entrepreneurial for their success... but it is undeniable that the system is easily manipulated by those at the top of the financial pyramid.

government has no interest in scaling back punitive taxes. first, they award themselves and the civil service salaries & pensions that make them immune from excessive taxation. second, any bureaucracy does its best to spend all its budget... so that they can ask for more in the coming year.

remember... income tax was a "temporary measure" to pay off the costs of world war one...

"The House went into Committee of the Whole, on July 25, 1917... the finance minister tabled a resolution which called for income tax: 4% on all income of single men over $2,000."