17 December 2015

Internationally known for its film festival...

...and all those random murders...randomSeems there's never a Constable Forcillo around when we really, really need one... mostly because we're too busy trying to toss them into jail.

Question: If Islamic terrorists do start killing people in Canada's multicultural capital... how will we even know?


UPDATE: CBC devotes one sentence...

..to the murdered woman...

Rosemarie Junor, 28, was stabbed inside a Shoppers Drug Mart store in the underground PATH system that runs beneath parts of Toronto's downtown core.
They then return to their slobbering coverage of the person they obviously regard as the real victim...
At Bisesar's brief court appearance Wednesday morning, her lawyer, Calvin Barry, told reporters "she seems really sad," but he wouldn't comment on other aspects of Bisesar's life.
Well, that's not true. According to media hack & wannabe co-counsel Michele Mandel, ol' Calvin is claiming his homicidal client has been "traumatised" by recent events... unlike, you know... the family & friends of Rosemarie Junor.

They call it "journalism."


Bill Elder said...

The narrative being fabricated by the apologia press is that this is a result of mental distress not cultural conditioning.

We'll never know if she was radicalized at some Islamist center

Dan Clarke said...

The womans name is Hindu, not Muslim. She is also reported as having mental problems and being unable to hold a job. Lets keep the facts straight here or we're just as bad as the media and the leftists.
In this case the media is being disgusting devoting so much attention to the murderer and not the victim. Was the victim to white Canadian to matter?

Neo Conservative said...

you know what, bill? i don't care if she has a gilded scroll from the ark of the covenant or permission from the lord buddha himself.

if you cannot stop yourself from beheading people on a greyhound bus... or stabbing random women to death in a drugstore... you deserve to, at minimum, spend the rest of your life in a metal cage with the door welded shut.

you can't murder your parents and then ask for the court's mercy because you're an orphan.


Neo Conservative said...

"dan says... The womans name is Hindu, not Muslim."

which makes her choice of victim particularly ironic, don't you think?

in any case, the point is, who cares about her religion, her favorite food or what she watches on tv.

put the batshit crazy murderer in retraints and top her up with haloperidol 'til she's a permanent paperweight... or mark my words, they'll release her and she'll do it again.


Bill Elder said...

Dan, to be precise it is an Indostani name - and there are craploads of Indian Muslims making up 14% of the country's population and they are constantly in conflict with Hindus, Sikhs, Tamils and dozens of other tribes, sects and clans - I have journals from a relative who did missionary work there all her life - her capsulisation of the culture was that it was "clannish and often very cruel". From my reading, Hindi sects are as tribal and misogynist as Islam. Remember Sri Lanka and the Tamil pogroms and terrorism. Also remember the Tamil troubles in GTA - my statement about "radicalization" is not limited to Islam.

Regardless of the ethnic background, my point is that IF the truth does not fit the vended media narrative, the inconvenient truth will be omitted or the story spiked and an alternative reality offered.

Neo- agreed, in traditional Canadian legal philosophy insane defendants cannot be tried for murder but they can be locked up indefinitely - IF there is any indication of premeditation she should see Murder 1 charges, If it was a impulse - murder 2 -AND yes a life for a life is just in murder 1 convictions - but not in bizzaro world

Jen said...

What did Selfie Trudeau say 'that he will review all court cases of the past ten years'? Probably, she would be let loose in coming weeks.

BTW, did you read this:

Canadian Immigration lawyer: “We are asking our border officials to do the impossible”

 December 17, 2015


Neo Conservative said...

the state, in it's infinite wisdom let karla homolka go free.

i imagine this media-enhanced victim of society won't even go to trial. like bus beheader vince li, this woman will, no doubt, be day-tripping the city before you can say "batshit crazy."