03 December 2015

The most interesting part of all this...

...is watching Hussein Obama and the liberal media... unlike Farouk's own father... tapdance around the "M" word...

Mr. Farook’s father also identified his son as “very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”
That seems pretty clear to me.

Apparently, though... not to everyone...
At the White House, President Barack Obama said after meeting with his national security team that it was "possible this was terrorist-related" but that authorities were unsure. He raised the possibility that it was a workplace dispute or that mixed motives were at play.
I just want to know... if the shooter had been a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, would Obama still be using all these weasel words?


LAST WORD: What's PM Twitter saying?more weasel wordsWhat actually happened to all those people, Justin? You make it sound like they died in an earthquake.

I guess it actually was an "Act of God."

Here's a hint... they were m••••••• by a m•••••

Yes, yes... IT'S A MYSTERY.


Anonymous said...

I was just watching CNN's talking heads and I find it interesting that a couple can have a dozen pipe bombs, a couple of thousand rounds of ammo, and obvious terrorist intentions - but, if they jumped the gun because of some issue at work it's not terrorism, it's workplace violence :-)

Rich said...

Obama appears to be ready to use executive orders to bring about gun law changes.
I am sure the country will support decisive action that will stop the acquisition of firearms and explosives by Muslims, particularly those who have recently travelled to the mid-east and those who have even a whiff of being the least bit 'radicalized' or hostile.
He could double down on the regulatory solutions by widening the use of
signs stating- "This is s pipe-bomb free zone".


Neo Conservative said...

i think i'll go with somebody who actually knew the shooter...

"Mr. Farook’s father also identified his son as 'very religious'. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”

a well paid civil servant, a health inspector with a wife and child, living the american dream... the poster child for moderate muslims... if this guy can go off... any one of them can.

justin trudeau's 25,000 to 1 bet just got a little bit scarier.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.......neo, he was indeed what people call a moderate muslim. so much for that definition. I have said this for years, it is the Koran. muslims are following the dictates or commands of the Koran. the Koran says they are not to take we infidels as friends and are to smite the un-believers where they find them. nothing good will come of bringing more potential jihadis into Canada, we have a formula for disaster being set up.

Neo Conservative said...

i read a scholarly book on the koran a while ago and despite the usual pap about islam being a religion of peace... it started off with a multi-page litany of serial murder to explain how the religion got started.

a good muslim is taught that infidels must be converted or killed.


Bill Elder said...

I don't think there is a living soul with an IQ above a turnip who doesn't know that if Obama's mouth is open he's lying. It is beyond my comprehension why he and the media still go through the motions of pretending differently.

Neo Conservative said...

obama finally admitted just yesterday that there is a component of terrorism in the california mass murder.

nothing to do with islam, mind you.