10 December 2015

From the folks who brought you...

...the highest electricity prices in North America...

Undeterred by reality, the Wynne government also announced it will spend $20 million installing charging stations for electric vehicles all over the province.

These would be the same electric vehicles that so few people are buying that the private sector has no interest in building the recharging stations themselves, as opposed to, say, gas stations.

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Meet the folks that Prime Minister Care Bear is enriching with your hard-earned money. And that's just the beginning...
"Whatever the outcome, it has already been established that the words 'compensation' and 'liability' will not appear in any agreement because of fears that they could open rich countries up to hundreds of billions of dollars of legal liabilities."
But, of course.


Martin said...

The fate of the electric car was sealed in the early decades of the last century. Ontarians have zero interest in purchasing an electric vehicle which is wholly unsuited to transportation distances and weather conditions in North America.With electricity rates increasing exponentially, in makes no sense to favour increased use and goes against government efforts to encourage conservation. Sales of vehicles outside of industrial applications and golf carts can only be forced by government coercion and subsidy. Like the useless wind plant program, Ont attempts to encourage demand by government intervention, when commercial demand is non existent.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... attempts to encourage demand by government intervention"

true socialist believers like wynne and justin will end up costing us, and more importantly our children & grandchildren, unimaginable amounts of money in accumulated debt.

justin's daddy increased canada's debt tenfold over his imperial reign.

sadly, you get the kind of government you deserve. as long as the low-information urban voters hold sway... well, we are truly f@cked.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says........everyday, another idiocy forced upon a society that is too stupid to understand they are being screwed.

Anonymous said...

Things that make you go, "huh..."

I heard a phrase very appropos yesterday; "Pathological altruisim."

Apparently, it's a documented medical fact that altruistic behaviour, or at least, the appearance of demonstrating altruistic behaviour to others of ones own species results in a hit of dopamine. I haven't got the wherewithall to confirm right now, but it makes sense.

Hence, when leftists are seen to be displaying altruisitic behaviour, they are quite literally getting high.

It would appear, given the evidence above that Premier Ellen, and Prime Minister Sound bite's desire for staggeringly expensive drugs has managed to outweigh their instinct for self-preservation. Given PM Selfie's apparent love of dope, one begins to see a pattern emerge. That he's managed to convince about 40% of the population that this apparent lack of interest in Canada's future is virtuous, suggests that whatever ammo stockpile you may have, it's not enough, and you need to buy more.