16 December 2015

Yeah, yeah, no death penalty... I get it

insert text hereI would trade five hundred homicidal Calvin Nimohs for one brilliant, giving Mark Ernsting.

How about, instead, we raise a half-million dollars for the defense fund (or whatever else they might want it for) for the first convict who is so outraged by this horrific crime, that (after a trial and a guilty verdict, of course) he permanently displaces a couple of Calvin Nimoh's cervical vertebrae...insert text here...'Cos let's face it... that's the only way to guarantee this murderous freak will never kill again.

And, heart-breakingly, look whose exemplary life Crazy Calvin chose to terminate...

TORONTO - A 39-year-old cancer researcher went out for a walk near Ryerson University Tuesday night and was stabbed to death in a violent robbery. A spokesman at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research confirmed Ernsting was an employee. “He was a senior biomedical engineer in the Drug Discovery Program.”

For the last couple years, he also worked as an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Ryerson University.

Homicide Det. Paul Worden said Nimoh was “known to police.”
You think my idea is "cruel and unusual?" Well then, let's just bring back the death penalty.


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...and people got kidnapped left & right?

Yeah... me neither.
A 56-year-old Ajax man, Mahmud Fahad, is facing charges after allegedly plotting to kidnap a Toronto businessman.
Hey, here's an idea. Let's import 25,000 more non-Englsh speaking people who regard us as infidels from the most violent place on earth to settle in our largest cities.

What could possibly go wrong?


Bill Elder said...


Repeat mindlessly and endlessly until innocent people pay for the crimes progressia is too cowardly to confront.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........bring back the noose and public hanging.

Anonymous said...

Stop Toronto Violence Now! Community and Police should work together to regain control. Punish these thugs.
weapons = jail

Neo Conservative said...

the woman "randomly" stabbed in the p.a.t.h. system has also died. the media has been going on about the stabbers gentle personality and university degrees.

i'm sure the next of kin of the murdered woman find those tidbits particularly comforting.

if the justice system cannot protect us from these broken, homicidal shells of human beings... we must protect ourselves.