23 August 2011

Yeah, of course... numb with grief

Sorry folks... I've been told I should be more Canadian... more nicey-nice. The fact of the matter is, though... behind all of the sombre media pageantry, it's just politics as usual... but hey, don't take my word for it...

The letter is full of such sophistry as “We can restore our good name in the world” – as though it is a given that Canada has somehow lost that – as well as bumper-sticker slogans of the “love is better than anger” ilk and ruthlessly partisan politicking.
Yeah, yeah... I know... I'm a soul-less troglodyte... but I'll gladly wear that label before I get danced around the room by seasoned political apparatchiks...
The letter was first presented as Layton’s last message to Canadians, as something written by him on his deathbed. Only later was it more fully described as having been “crafted” with party president Brian Topp, Layton’s chief of staff Anne McGrath and his wife and fellow NDP MP Olivia Chow.
It doesn't hurt any that they've got the full, grab your ankles co-operation of virtually all of the national media. You don't wanna squander that moment.

Wake up and smell the propaganda. This isn't about Jack Layton. It's about where this country is headed.


UPDATE: Those nasty, neocon sonsabitches...

...wait a minute...
the compassionate, intellectual left


Nancy said...

Years ago, when my Dad was dying he no longer held any interest in politics (which he loved), religion (he read the bible daily), he had no interest in what ‘was’ his daily life. He knew his time was close, instead he chose to talk about his life, my life, love, regrets etc... Same with my father in law, and so on. It was sad news when Jack died and I felt bad for his family, having been through it many times. And then I heard about the 'letter' Jack wrote two days before he died. Being around many people who were on deaths bed for a few days to a few weeks, I did not believe he wrote it, a person on deaths’ bed perspective changes, what 'was' important no longer 'is'. Something is off for me. Did he really write it?

Anonymous said...

100% correct.
Dave Rutherford basically said the same thing this morning on his radio show. He didn't trash Jack as a person but pointed out a lot of the crap and flat out lies he spewed in the name of politics. The way people bury their heads in the sand when someone says things THEY consider politically incorrect is really quite sad and is one of the problems with Canadians.

Rob C

Alberta Girl said...

At risk of having the wrath of the left descend on me...I question whether Jack would have been coherent enough 2 days before he died to have crafted that letter.

just a question from someone who hasn't fallen into a weeping heap of misery at Jack's death.

I am going into the bomb shelter now. Let me know when the mob has moved on to their next target.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartely agree with your original post - as apparently does Christie Blatchford. Our glorious MSM is in hyperdrive - keeps the 24/7 news cycle going.

Neo Conservative said...

guess i'm not the only cynic out there after all.

as with christie... i'm getting all sorts of nonsensical taunts from what i can only assume are the more rabidly dipper zealots and that, like toronto city councillor pam mcconnell... they are "numbed to their very souls". trouble is, at this point... it's just a little hard to separate the actual grief from the tourettes.

nothing worth sharing so far... mostly silly playground insults... but i do appreciate the emotional investment one special fan out there has in endlessly speculating about my weight, hirsuteness, sex life & employment status. i believe the psychological term is 'transference" and it speaks to a rich & unique interior life.

anyway, nonnybots... you might wanna try tweaking those meds... or getting a pet... (i hear cats are a great comfort)... or get yourself a book and a nice warm glass of milk... and enjoy the ongoing media "jack-fest" while it lasts.

and what an interesting & fortunate coincidence though, isn't it... that ndp party president & apparent leadership-race hopeful brian topp just happened to be at jack's deathbed to help with this last missive to his disciples.

later, ladies.


Anonymous said...

As I have said elsewhere, I doubt we would such insistence on a state funeral if Preston Manning had died, and certainly none of this unedited praise.

Alberta Girl said...

Interesting Neo, that you use the word "disciple" because this is taking on a cult like appearance. Rather... To use a phrase often heard on the other side in reference to Harper.....SCARY in my opinion.

maryT said...

How stupid do the media and ndp think conservative canadians are. Most of us have witnessed a loved one die of cancer or other cause. We have sat with them 24/7 in their last days. No way were any of them, regardless of age, coherent enough to pen such a letter. Most were not even awake. If they thought we would all be overtaken with grief and ignore such scam they are mistaken. If they think "his" request to vote ndp and make a better Canada, they are very mistaken. I think they are very afraid that with Jack's death the ndp/bloc mps will go back to their roots, and perhaps cross the floor. They voted for Jack, not the ndp. And with Nycole out there as the face of the ndp, they are in real trouble.
Another thing has been bothering me, if none of those mps campaigned, had no literature, phone, didn't live in Que, and a party name is not on the ballot, how did they know who to vote for. Was someone out front of the polls giving advise or names, or maybe money. Or maybe they were told, vote for x and Jack will be PM and Quebec will be in charge of Canada.

Guffman said...

I'm with you too Neo. I find no offence in anything you've written in the last two days.
These are political blogs and Jack's politics are what we're talking about here... not his life as a husband or father, but a politician.

syncrodox said...


It would seem that Jack's deathbed missive is nothing more than a political document crafted for the utmost advantage by those who stand to gain the most.

I heard elsewhere that the family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations should be made to the Ed Broadbent Foundation.


Of course I could be reading this wrong.

dmorris said...

neo,the Dippers ARE in true despair,they know that now their star is gone,they're fated for the political wilderness,where they belong, after the next election.

Christie Blatchford's column should be required reading for every person who proclaimed that "the Nation was mourning",or "reeling in shock and grief",etc.

Most of us simply shrugged, as we do when any well known stranger dies,"oh,I see Jack Layton died today. Did you see the price of gas was up again this morning?".

I felt MUCH more sorrow the day I arrived at work to hear the radio in the office announce the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn, never quite got over that.

Bec said...

You are not the only "cynic" out there at all, Neo.

I was astounded at the attacks on those that although shocked and respectful, were questioning the over the top reaction.

Nancy has elaborated beautifully on my reality and AG has hammered it home. Something was off on the JL statement. It felt and sounded nothing like a document a dying man could muster 48 hrs before his death.
That insults me to think that others have passed it off as his death bed, thousand words if they collaborated for political gain and impact.

Anonymous said...

"Cynic"? I don't think so,Neo you do benefit from keen observation and a good memory.
As for a lack of respect, just wait till the NDP tries to figure out who is going to lead, that ain't gonna be pretty.
cheers Bubba

Sean M said...

The lefty activists encrusted within Canada's monolithic media demand conformity and subservience to their politically correct emotional state of mind. In other words the MSM have lost one of their comrades, and therefore everyone else must feel as emotionally distraught as they do... they command that it be so. The constant first name referencing of "Jack" this, and "Jack that, by the media, I find particularly nauseating. I cannot under any circumstances for see the MSM at any point in time referring to PM Harper as Stephen or Steve or Stevesy. For effs sake the media refuse to even call him Prime Minister. I feel empathy for Jack Laytons family, but the media can kiss my ass.

Frances said...

Sorry to hear of all the abuse you have taken, Neo. I stand by my comments that, on a man's death-day, criticism should be muted in recognition we will all be there one day and will need the charity of others.

However, the deathbed letter and the appeal to donate to the Broadbent fund are such cynical attempts to manipulate political opinion that I am willing to modify my opinion in this case. I have never been a fan of Mr Layton's - think public housing, coalition, expenses - but did respect the passion and energy with which he held his views. The actions of those around him diminish the man and his legacy.

maryT said...

Well the media can't call the State Funeral a photo op for the PM.
Listen and watch Evan's coverage, in the repeats, and catch the couple of oopsy that he made.
1. Saying there is Ed Broadbent and his wife-so when did he marry Nycole.
2. Referring to the ndp mps that were waiting and included Bob Rae's name in that list.
Maybe he knows something and let it slip.

Neo Conservative said...

"bec says... It felt and sounded nothing like a document a dying man could muster 48 hrs before his death."

my father died of lung cancer and for the last little stretch of his life was in terrible, agonising pain. i suspect that towards the end he was so full of morphine he wouldn't have been able to tell you his name.

it was so bad that, the night he died, a family member requested that the doctor... "nudge-nudge, wink, wink"... up the dosage to ease his discomfort.

it was something that should have been done before that point. we treat our pets with more care under similar circumstances.

the point is... without jack the ndp is heading back to the political cellar. this was obviously a shameless last minute manipulation by the ndp's highest cabal to squeeze all the blood outta this particular stone.

the fact that layton, (admittedly one of canada's most cunning political animals), had he been compos-mentis, would have whole-heartedly approved of this little fiction... is beside the point.

i don't take kindly to people trying to lead me around by the nose.

nor should anyone.