17 August 2011

Whenever I get confused...

...I ask an Immigration Lawyer...no canada

“Ottawa has to lower the bar so these people and others like them can pass.”


maryT said...

How many of those lawyers could pass said test.
And how about the ndp guy saying bringing back the word Royal to our navy and air force is an insult to our immigrants, who supposedly fled colonialism. I could care less about them.
Accept the rules, laws, morals etc of Canada or get the h--- out. And take your immigration lawyers with you.

Frances said...

At least, Neo, these men - and they are mostly men - are working and paying their way. Check any 'trade' these days - they're Poles, Slovaks, Albanians, etc., etc. Used to be Italians and Greeks migrated here and went into construction. Now it's eastern Europeans. And, yes, their English skills aren't great, but they're communicating.

Anonymous said...

Apparently they've lowered the bar to be a layer to, see how that turned out


Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... these men - and they are mostly men - are working and paying their way"

what's the unemployment rate at present across the nation.

let's take the folks who are sitting around on welfare and train them to fill these holes.

or, i guess... you can just lower the bar... yet again.

oh canada.


Frances said...

Neo - see your point, but would there be enough employed with adequate skills to do these jobs? I wouldn't want just anyone up on my roof replacing the shingles.

BTW, when shingles recently replaced, we noticed that the original roof hadn't been installed that well. As I remember - it was some years ago - those workers sounded 'Canadian'.