29 August 2011

Apparently Dalton McGuinty thinks...

...you're a moron...the sun, the moon & the starsIs he right?

-- The provincial Liberals are promising to bring back house calls from doctors IF they win the Oct. 6 election.


Anonymous said...

The word - "Delusional" would be my first comment.
Will you folks be taken in once again by this snake-oil salesman.
Surely you can see the light of day and make the right choice - this time.

maryT said...

What is that saying, you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Have doctors said anything about this.
Watch for it, next he will promise you all a winning 649 ticket.
Giving away my age, I remember when house calls were the only way to get a doctor, other than a hospital.

Anonymous said...

Obviously McNutty's assessment is correct. The voters of Ontario have elected him twice and his poll numbers suggest he has a good shot at a third term.

Anonymous said...

Aren't doctors in short supply already? Do we really want them wasting valuable time commuting from house to house? And what about those that can't even get a family doctor? This 'house call' idea would only make it more difficult. But since this idea comes from a Liberal mind, it must be wonderful. Morons all.

trappedintrudeaupia said...

Another jurisdiction as disconnected from reality as Greece

Pissedoff said...

I would like to see our doctor find the time to do house calls, it's the Dolt who is the moron.

Neo Conservative said...

here's the thing... it took mrs neo & i over six years just to get a family doctor. during all of that time we were dependent on hospital emergency rooms.

and let me tell you... you haven't really lived until you've spent seven hours sitting with two dozen other sick people in the e.r.... with a crying, fevered child in your lap.

here's the question... can premier mcslippery buy your vote with this transparent & obviously unattainable lie?

and ask yourselves... when can we have our billion taxpayer dollars back?