27 August 2011

Mourning, Remembering, Honouring

Apparently... it can be a pretty selective thing.

-- NEW YORK -- First responders will not be invited to this year’s 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero. That’s the word from city officials who say there isn’t enough room for the tens of thousands of firefighters, police and other rescue workers.
Hells-bells... let's just blame Dick Cheney & MOSSAD... and move on.

(h/t reader Mike)


maryT said...

And there will be no religious leaders there either.

Anonymous said...

And they will cease reading off the names of the victims. Also it's no longer Ground Zero.

robins111 said...

If I recall, there was lots of room for the emergency responders the day it happened, not many of the political money sponges then.

max said...

I hope the cops, firemen and paramedics show up on their own. They don't need a invitation anyway.

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile... tonight in toronto, there will be a giant orange phallus thundering up to the heavens to honour, uh... gotta be some special, lifesaving, once in a lifetime hero there, huh?

wait... it'll come to me...


maryT said...

The ndp rally is finally over in Toronto, I was waiting for the collection plate to be passed but didn't happen. Message to the ndp, there are english speaking canadians who might have been tempted to join the ndp, but not when there was little or no english in said rally.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess we'll see if the jackathon dies down this weekend. the longer this circus went on, the less comfortable people got...

"I watched the service this afternoon. You can call it a Gala, a tribute or a political rally, but you cannot call it a funeral. The whole thing was a travesty."

"For instance the presiding minister made sure to mention that he was gay, not once but twice."

"This was not about the man Jack but about the activist Jack and the agenda of the left."

"It is understandable that the conservatives did not rise at certain points in the ceremony with the rest of the Marxists. I probably would have walked out at some point during the production in disgust."
Posted by: Dennis K at August 27, 2011 9:51 PM

"Lot of applause and whistling for a funeral. Standing ovations too. Why not cowbells, vuvuzelas, and drunks with their shirts off with JACK! painted on their beer bellies?"

"Test your gag reflex, the funeral is being replayed on CBC."
Posted by: Stan at August 27, 2011 10:59 PM

"Hmm even my lefty facebook 'friends' found the clapping, cheering and whistling disturbingly inappropriate. I'm at a real disadvantage. I didn't/won't watch it."
Posted by: Joe at August 27, 2011 11:40 PM