24 August 2011

No, c'mon... seriously...

...is there some sort of contest I don't know about?jack it upStill, the fact is... for servile, diabetes inducing ass-kissery... it's gonna be pretty hard to top...
the saga continues**********

UPDATE: Okay, I admit it, I was wrong...

...CTV ain't goin' down without a fight...
all jack, all the time**********


"Somehow I doubt the response will be so overwhelming when the time comes for Harper (when he dies in office, as PM, at the age of 80)."
"Cancer kills roughly 560,000 people in North America every year, that's a city the size of Calgary, every year."

"Of those 560,000, by far the best and greatest was Jack Layton."


Pissedoff said...

This is over the hill this guy wasn't royalty or even PM.

From CFRA 580 web

Layton's Body to Lie in State


Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I have NEVER mistaken a triad run cat house for a medical facility. So that part of jack is not in me....oops did I say that?

Rick said...

So where do I go to have surgery to have it removed.

Al the Fish said...

Let's see if that's possible:

1) Velvet Touch
2) Rub & Tug
3) Used Kleenex
4) Business as usual for the masseuse
5) Passage of time and customers through 1) spreading the fruits of her labour

Yea, by now Jack's DNA has probably circled the world.

Alberta Girl said...

Just check out twitter this morning as the various media personalities who profess to be totally unbiased - fall over themselves as they live tweet about the sunshine, lollipos and rainbows that surround the lying in state.

It is really quite the circus.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Neo, just ran my flag to the top of the pole.
So the NDP is publishing Jack's dream for Canada, talk about a lack of respect.
I have watched family, friends in their last days and can tell you they weren't writing policy statements in their retro-eco-friendly homes.
Then there is that sour lookin' fellow for that Ottawa paper,Mr Numnutz, he apparently feels the PM was "curt" in his remarks regarding Mr Laytons passing.
I guess PM Harpers sackcloth was just not coarse enough.
As for "a little bit of Mr Layton in all of us"
That says much so more about the writer than "all of us" sigh.........still coping somehow in Qualicum Beach.
Cheers Bubba

dmorris said...

The longer this Layton worship goes on,the more I'm convinced that Layton was a man who actually "fooled all of the people all of the time".

To all the professional mourners,ask yourselves a question,was he really that in touch with the common man,or was he just good at portraying that image.

Layton was born to wealthy parents,and spent his entire working life sucking on the public teat. Layton made no sacrifices,never shorted himself,on the contrary,Layton always made damned sure he was well looked after.

This whole thing is starting to remind me of the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

Ted Byfield, in "Report" magazine wrote an article about the public reaction to the demise of the two ladies, entitled "A Tale of Two Saints,One for the Poor,One for the Puerile".

Couldn't have said it better m'self.

Neo Conservative said...

"bubba says... I guess PM Harpers sackcloth was just not coarse enough."

you've just gotta love the testiculage on the lunatic left. the prime minister makes a huge exception to the rules regarding state funerals... and he's still the bad guy here.

next thing you know, they'll be demanding the pope beatify ol' jack.

the only good news here... i ever need any golf balls sucked through a garden hose... i know now i can always call tim powers.


Bubba Brown said...

Neo sez; "If I ever need any golf balls sucked through a garden hose"
You betcha Neo! that would be "suction you can beelieeve in"
Our pragmatic PM is going with the flow here, can you imagine the freakin' hate-fest otherwise?
Cheers Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

"bubba says... Our pragmatic PM is going with the flow here"

mrs neo thinks the pm made the right move here. and i guess... if people can be manipulated as easily as brian topp and the ndp braintrust appear to believe... then it was a shrewd political play.

as for being "the right thing" to do... i'm afraid i have to disagree.

it's that whole embarrassing princess di-fest all over again. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised to hear the dippers are twisting elton john's bejewelled sleeve... have him come up with a special send-off ditty for the jackmeister. see how quickly they'd kick lorraine segato to the curb for a single verse of "rocketman" sung by himself.

instead of all this celebrity ass-kissing... how about somebody tries to work on the unacceptable wait times regular people have to wait to see a medical specialist?

not glittery enough, i guess.


Neo Conservative said...

update: layton state funeral... barbara kay says this much more eloquently than i ever would...

"He [Stephen Harper] pre-empted condemnation of his aloofness & detachment from human emotion by ordering a state funeral in order to satisfy the teddy-bear grief needs of a nation that has abandoned traditional channels for the expression of communal sorrow."


Marina said...

Agree with everything more or less from the other posters. However one point, I don't remember a lot of public fawning over Mother Theresa. it seems to me that she was completely overshadowed by Diana. And, Mother Theresa actually did devote her life to a higher cause, she lived and worked among the poorest of the poor. Very different from Jack and Diana.

Bubba Brown said...

Mrs Neo has a point as do you Neo.
I don't think it's the right thing to do either.
But consider..
The wisdom of letting the media-moths batt their little heads against the fading orange glow.
It's really all that they have.
Let them try and out do one another's show, the next act in this "danse macabre" is who gets the crown.
Lot at stake here, official opposition, an election away from socialist nirvana (armageddon)
Complicated by leaving a double seperatist in charge, blocked by Lizzy and Muclair.
As they say in snooker ain't always what you sink it's what you leave.I am guessing that it's going to be very interesting in the backrooms of the NDP-BLOC.
Come convention time the theme song isn't going to be a sappy "candle in the wind" thingy more like the "Deguello".
A wise man never interuppts his enemy..........
Cheers Bubba

Pissedoff said...

Layton thought 50%+1 was enough to break up the country, so did Duceppe.
Layton wanted, if not the leader, a coallition of the swilling to overthrow the legally elected government, so did Duceppe.
Layton was leader of the opposition, at one time so was Duceppe.
Layton probably had more separatists in his caucus the Duceppe ever did.
Think about it are we to give Duceppe a state funeral and allow him to lay in state?

max said...

Somehow I doubt the response will be so overwhelming when the time comes for Harper (when he dies in office, as PM, at the age of 80).

dmorris said...

Cancer kills roughly 560,000 people in North America every year,that's a city the size of Calgary,every year.

Of those 560,000, by far the best and greatest was Jack Layton. There has never been another human being like him, not even Mohammed,or that Jew who caused all the trouble a couple of millenia back.

I expect a resurrection in time for the next election,when the Spirit Of Saint Jack will lead Canadians from the political wilderness to the Promised Land!

Ah,f*** it,I'm going to start a new religion based on the Life Of Jack. Donations expected,try to make it at least 10% of your gross income.

If it's a welfare cheque,make it 20%,those aren't that big and we need the money to spread the word.

Blame Crash said...

Calgary is more than double the size that was claimed here.

Bubba Brown said...

Good morning to all! John Iveson N.P. Has a article up this morning.
Scroll down to comments.
The NDP is the disrespectful one here, IMO they are trying to use this as a springboard.