09 August 2011

It's like the old hippie said...

...you don't have to be a Weatherman...

is london burning?

"More than 450 people were arrested and 60 police officers were hurt. A statement from Scotland Yard described the disturbances as 'unprecedented in recent history.'

Front-page headlines in the national press read 'Rule of the Mob,' 'The Battle for London,' and 'The Anarchy Spreads.'"
Or, as it's known in academic circles... a total breakdown of societal controls.

Cross your fingers, Toronto.


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...you speak of?
“It’s us versus them, the police, the system,” said one youth at a grim housing estate in the London district of Hackney, the epicentre of Monday night’s rioting.

“They call it looting and criminality. It’s not that. There’s a real hatred against the system.” His friends, some covering their faces with hoods, nodded in agreement.
Okay then... as long as it's a REAL hatred. But still, I'm a little confused. Isn't it "the system" that bought these guys the Blackberries they're using to coordinate all the rioting?


LAST WORD: Cash for Life?

Hmmm, call me wacky... but maybe inviting, entrenching and... more to the point, subsidising... a permanent underclass isn't really the best solution here.
"Like bank-issued debit cards, the cards will be PIN-protected and will not identify the user as a social assistance recipient."
Hang on a sec... you're a second or third generation welfare recipient... how easily embarrassed are you? Why are we making this process easier?

Instead of streamlining the whole "entitlement" thing... shouldn't we be looking to eliminate our horrendous welfare burden?


maryT said...

Isn't london where a lot of enviro wackos reside, what do they think of all that toxic smoke being let loose in the air.
Those arrested should be jailed for at least 25 yrs, and any family members should be cut off all welfare for the same period, then deport any refugees. Hit the rioters with water cannons, tanks, tear gas and bullets if necessary. Gee, unemployment was supposed to be one of the causes, but how many have these criminals put on the unemployment line due to destruction of their place of work. Cancel the 2012 olympics and move them.

Canadi-anna said...

I wish the world owed *me* a living.

Powell Lucas said...

The British police are considering the use of rubber bullets against these criminal looters. Real ammunition would be a better tactic and probably less costly as well.

Neo Conservative said...

"Canadi-anna says... I wish the world owed *me* a living."

well, i think we can put the blame squarely on our newfound "everyone is beautiful, in their own way" social ethos.

there is simply no such thing as a bad boy anymore... even looters are poor, misunderstood victims.

these riots are simply the logical result of reinforcing that sense of victimhood & entitlement... as opposed to a meritocracy.

watch for more of this closer to home... ie. - toronto, montreal, vancouver. it's a good part of the reason we decided to go rural.