26 August 2011

Oh, thank gawd... that was scary...

...there were a couple of anxious hours there, where I was totally in the dark...
whew... that's a relief


robins111 said...

Kinda wonder if they have plans to stuff him like Stalin and put him on display..

Blame Crash said...

It’s just the same old same old with these journalistic frauds who make up Toronto’s Politburo media isn’t it!

They obviously knew he was dieing and they unquestionably had this whole over the top act ready to be sprung onto Canadians when it happened.

I wonder if they assisted the Gang of Four to write up..…umm, I mean “Jack” to write up that socialist propaganda bunk? I’d be surprised if they didn’t!

Bubba Brown said...

I hope they can get this appalling display over with.I can't imagine how hard this is on the family.
It seems to this cynical old guy the Media is trying somehow to show how much better the NDP's "vision' of Canada is.
I mean a better, fairer, social justice, and of course very insultingly "reclaim our good name"?
I am calling WTF on the "Last Letter" it ain't the Gettesburg adress folks.
Jack never wrote it, just a attempt to use his sad passing as a way to get more traction.
Now that is disrespectful.
In this new nirvana will we all get over half a million in "expences" apiece besides our already generous remuneration and indexed salaries? Well, will we?
Bubba, somehow coping in Qualicum

dmorris said...

neo, you live in Ontario,while I'm stuck in B.C.

Could you do me a favour? When you go to pay homage to Jack,would you mind saying a couple of extra "Hail Jackie's" for me?


Bruce from Cambridge said...

I havent been so grief stricken since Tiny Tim died

Jen said...

Jack might have been a well love man by some folks but this is way over the top for me.

Maybe lying in state in parliament because there is where he worked as well at the city hall is fine but, without the bells and whistles that comes with it.

Skinny in Toronto said...

wow. Just having a peek at the carnage on your blog neo. It's not often to witness such outrage, such an unbelievable frothing at the mouth. This has truly, truly offended the deepest core within you.

I don't know whether this is sad, or amusing. But perhaps, there's help out there to guide you through this. Soldier on in your, classy display of total disgust. You're doing a hell of a job, 'changing one mind at a time.

A hell of a job!

Bob Devine said...

What in the name of heaven is happening to the people in our country that they react like this? I do not want to disrespect Mr Layton but this is all so over the top it boggles the mind.

Sean M said...

DeadJackMania continues... mania of course being a mental disorder.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry it took so long to release comments... i've been out all day.

anyway... put on the news just now... and sure enough... cbc dug up some craggy ol' street person who owes his life to saint jack. they even took the camera right into city hall on this guy's heels and got video of him weeping & reaching out and laying his hands on the coffin to mop up some of that dipper-love.

so sorry, folks... this is the sort of mourning reserved for family members or close friends. when you behave like this for someone you don't actually know... whether it's elvis, michael jackson... or yes, jack layton... it's either mass hysteria or high theatre.


Mr. Neutron said...

This just in; Jack Layton is still dead! Further details at 11:00.

Bubba Brown said...

Double-dipper-mentia? Just askin' I would not want to seem disrespectful. My favorite is the faithful "twittering" Jack.

BDFT said...

Is Jack still in his coffin? Its been at least three days now, hasn't it?

Neo Conservative said...

"skinny tears at his sackcloth & ashes... It's not often to witness(sic) such outrage"

yeah, skins... those nasty, unsympathetic neocons, huh?

once again... a special thank you for your almost articulate trollery... it's "not often to witness" such erudition.


bocanut said...

Jack Layton's been moved around so much it's starting to remind me of Weekend At Bernies.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... put him on display"

mrs neo has informed me that cbc radio announced that jack's ashes (what exactly is in that casket, anyway?) will be sent to three different locations.

given that this thing is being milked for every little bit of exposure possible... you have to wonder if a lenin-style glass casket & public mausoleum wasn't on the table at some point.


Skinny in Toronto said...

Oh neo, really. Regardless of whether you publish this comment or not, I think it's quite clear to anyone who sees this blog, who is sitting in sackcloths and wailing.

Your excitement in pointing out a missing word on a hastily typed comment on a mobile device, shows that perhaps I hit a nerve.

While most people, right or left, were paying their respects, here you are, once again in the gutter. It seems to work for you anyway on this blog with the amount of comments!

Funny that.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, skinny... i'm so sorry. really, my lightweight friend... you don't have to be so defensive. after all, it's only "a missing word on a hastily typed comment on a mobile device".

it's not like everytime you show up here... as you do, daily... we all start to hear banjo music... right?

again, my apologies... "perhaps I hit a nerve."