18 August 2011

Ask almost any Roman Catholic

That "man of gawd" thing... it's pretty good cover...
halls of macadamia/

"Everybody likes him in this community, when I heard about this it really shocked me. I'm shocked. He was a very good teacher, very good teacher. And he's a good imam."


JA Goneaux said...

I think the difference is, when a priest diddles a kid, the headline reads: "Catholic priest charged".

Funny how, in this case, it was "Religious leader charged"...I mean, why would that be?

I swear, media style guides must be written on chalk boards these days...

fernstalbert said...

Sharia allows for cutting off the offending body part ... should be interesting. My sympathy to the victims of this spiritual leader of the religion that can't be named. Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

terrorist attack on a tour bus in israel tonight... global tv blames it on militants".

call me wacky... i'm guessing it wasn't militant hassids.