27 August 2011

The Union makes us strong... Part XXXIV

No shift premiums, vacations or pension benefits... and don't you dare get me started on quality control...no such thing as quality anymoreWhere's the Brotherhood of Committed Socialists... when you really, really need them?

" -- OTTAWA -- Those who WORK AROUND THE CLOCK stealing and selling stolen goods to fund their habit, are beginning to complain about the diminishing and dangerous quality of street crack."
I ask you, folks... what's the point of all those shiny, new McGuinty-supplied crackpipes... if you can't get a quality product?

It's past time, my friends. If you can enshrine labour rights for back-alley blowjob artists in your policy book... you can do the same for degenerate junkies.

Remember... Jack is watching.


max said...

Haha.. hey Neo did you catch this?

"Some dealers will try to sell balls of wax or macadamia nuts as crack -- both look like it, and burn well. "

Neo Conservative said...

yeah, i saw that.

the fact is, your garden-variety junkie would smoke dogshit if you told them it was laced with cocaine.

and don't get me wrong, max... i'm okay with stuff like safe injection sites... as long as they put them on, say... baffin island.


James said...

On Baffin Island? That's so deliciously insensitive.

I smell a new (and tremendously popular) plank for the Tories' Arctic Strategy.

dmorris said...

"Drug cops say the amount of impure crack cocaine on the streets has reached unprecedented levels."

Back in the '90's,in Vancouver,we had a shipment of almost pure heroin hit the streets,junkies died by the dozen.

If I remember correctly, over a hundred OD'd permanently. It was the impetus for Mayor Larry Campbell to initiate the Four Pillars approach,which is still stuck on Pillar One,"harm reduction",and our famous "shooting galleries".

Now, our junkies here in B.C. have better health care than the average senior citizen,with any possibility of an overdose just a bad memory.

Someone should apply for a Canada Council grant to write a book,"Contributions to Canadian Society by Harm Reduced Addicts".

It'd be a best seller. And it wouldn't matter if it wasn't,as the Canadian taxpayer would pick up the tab.

Platty said...

A crack user attempted to report they had been the victim of fraud after buying bad crack.

Now there's a citizen worth spending government money on, well, maybe the 23 cents for the bullet.


robins111 said...

I can see a future in the ground up turnip industry.

You'd only have so long a selling season though..

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorriss says... the Four Pillars approach, which is still stuck on Pillar One, 'harm reduction', and our famous 'shooting galleries'

yeah... that's been working out real well, hasn't it?

-- VANCOUVER -- "It has been nearly a decade since three levels of government signed a landmark agreement designed to transform Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside, but the neighbourhood remains a vortex that sucks in junkies, the mentally ill and other desperate souls from across the country."