28 August 2011

No business like show business

All that love and hope and renewal... and yet, strangely... the bullets still continue to fly...bright lights, big cityI sure hope the gentleman in question here gets the full throttle, no stones unturned coverage that our professional journalist betters have shown us they can... when they're moved by the holy spirit... deliver.

Please, please, please... let's hear all about the "love of his life" and the kittens he saved... and let's not forget the obligatory photo essays.

Hey... one man's life is just as important as any other... right?

And yet, somehow... I don't think that's gonna happen here.

But don't you fret, digital sucklings... the beast must be fed. CTV's gonna satiate that never-ending hunger with a special retrospective love-fest for longtime CTV shill, Lloyd Robertson...

"Lloyd is an icon, we couldn't be more proud of him and to be able to create this tribute to him is a real privilege."
It's a privilege to "create this tribute?" Seriously?

Do we really need more media-minted "shake & bake" celebrity heroes? Are we so bereft of meaning in our daily lives that we suck up whatever pap the media conglomerates toss our way?

The phrase "nation of sheep" comes readily to mind.

Ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you worship at the altar of "reality tv?" Do you walk down the street humming, "JJ said it would?"

Do you call your car "Shelly?"

Wake up, folks... and smell the manipulation.


Anonymous said...

All Knowing heroes of the people
Yea Right
It doesn't mater if it is the Emmye's, Oscars, Nobel prize winners,state funeral, (the list goes on forever) any one of these clown acts is nothing more than a bunch of elite self proclaimed heroes of "the people" patting each other on the back at the expense of "the people". (I can't remember where I read the following but it makes sense.)
The "all knowing" actor "activists" for instance These clowns wear close designed by someone else, memorize and regurgitate lines written by someone else. and adopt the character and personality of some imaginary hero that they personally could never be, And the world is supposed to accept their opinion on anything.
Pretty sad situation!!

Rob C

dmorris said...

LLoyd Robertson becomes more grotesque each year as even the professional makeup artists can't hide the fact the first story he covered live was from that awful night in Lakehurst,NJ.

He and Craig Oliver are good examples of persons who have stayed in their position far too long.

I'm still curious at to exactly how close Oliver and Trudeau really were.

One would think the victims of Toronto's seamier side would show a little respect for the burial of a Saint, but maybe they didn't know who he was.

Anonymous said...

Aww come on Neo! Can't you feeel th loove for LLoydd?
Anothe "Lefty tax dollar suckin' Icon"
We are so lucky! To think that the "Lefty Icons" let us contribute our grubby tax dollars that enable them to erect tributes to their awsomeness. All Hail!
Cheers Bubba

Bubba Brown said...

A Garden? A day named in his honor? Can a nobel peace prize and a state funeral be far behind?

Neo Conservative said...

i really don't understand why a news announcer is supposed to be an admired... indeed coveted... position in society. the only actual job qualification is that you are able to read english.

even the supposed spontaneous back & forth between these talking heads is so obviously scripted.

i guess the theory is... if ctv, cbc and the others present their news readers as superior beings... there will be more incentive for us dumb as dogshit mortals to tune in.