31 August 2011

PM reportedly shaking in his boots

Statistical tour de force reveals... people willing to shitcan dinner, to talk to perfect strangers about dead people they've never met... are overwhelmingly creatures of the left...
the song that never ends**********


"What's that smokey, orange place in the picture and what does it have to do with Layton? It sure doesn't look like heaven."


Anonymous said...

What's that smokey, orange place in the picture and what does it have to do with Layton? It sure doesn't look like heaven.

Anonymous said...

Yup looks like it's close to that roadside cafe where Elvis, Frank,Jimmy Dean all all gathered to welcome Jack, he's there runnin' a tab, we will for sure get the bill.
One thing the faithful can no longer do is vote for him. Just like the majority in Jacks riding didn't vote for him. Last election Jack got 20,000 votes. 25,000 voted for someone else.

Neo Conservative said...

i thought... just maybe... after jack was dead & buried that the lunatic left would stop using him to sell themselves to the public.

apparently, i was wrong.

let's face it though, without smilin' jack... what the dippers are left with is, well... stuff like this.


maryT said...

Sorry but I believe that Jack is looking up at us, thru a lot of orange.
I am afraid that the dippers will get a sympathy vote in Oct, and not realize that Jack is not on the ballot.
But, with the several goofs since his death, the rally, motion submitted in error, merger talks, and a few others, proves that without Jack the ndp have a lot of problems.
Wonder how many of them will survive till next election.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... without Jack the ndp have a lot of problems."

well, c'mon now, mary... without jack, the ndp still have, er... olivia.

no matter that ms chow has the charisma of an assembly-line punch press.. that won't deter the true believers and the people who use "sympathy" as a criteria for choosing their political masters.

yeah, yeah... i know... i'm a soul-less barbarian. it still doesn't change the fact that mrs comrade layton... personality-wise... makes stephen harper look like a coked-up bobcat goldthwaite.

and let's face it... it was personality... specifically jack layton's personality... that persuaded quebec to go orange last election.

without dear leader... the ndp is, well... to coin a phrase.... dead in the water.

and that's why they can't let him rest in peace.


Pissedoff said...

I'm surprised the yanks didn't start shooting thinking they were being attacked.

Neo Conservative said...

"pissedoff says... surprised the yanks didn't start shooting"

think again, bro... you don't wanna mess with the orange crush.


rabbit said...

The NDP are likely to be inept as the official opposition this fall, as they have no experience at it, have tons of rookie MP's, a wet-behind-the-ears leader who does not impress, and their best people will be distracted by a leadership race.

As a result, they will likely fall in the polls, particularly if they come across as strident, radical, or incompetent.

Or all three.