10 August 2011

From those wonderful folks...

...who brought you the "me, me, me" generation...

The creators of the service — a sex educator and a public health doctor — realized that online encounters were leading to casual sex hookups which were, in turn, fuelling syphilis cases. So they created the email notification system.
Hey... maybe Facebook can come up with a special "poke" to cover this one as well. Whaddaya think that emoticon would look like?

Hmmm... if only there was another solution.


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...we can't all be beautiful "no biggie" British Columbia...
An Alberta teen accused of having unprotected sex while not informing her partners she has HIV will be kept in custody for now.

The teen faces two counts of aggravated sexual assault and police say additional charges are pending.
What? No email?


"You remember Lydia?
She gave me chlamydia,
And I thought I should
share it with you!"


maryT said...

If a man can be labelled a dangerous offender for spreading aids, why can't a female.

Neo Conservative said...

no argument from alberta, apparently.


Al the Fish said...

Is this one of the e-cards?

You remember Lydia?
She gave me chlamydia,
And I thought I should share it with you!

Neo Conservative said...

al... you forgot the mandatory "lol".


Frances said...

Interesting. Had the Alberta teen killed her mother, neither her name nor her mother's could have been released to protect said teen's privacy. But because she has possibly infected a couple of overly-horny and seriously indiscriminate young men, she's outed.