19 August 2011

All those compassionate intellectuals...

...you know... the people who are constantly sneering at Stephen Harper's "tough on crime" agenda... somebody please tell me... what Mr Rogers world do they inhabit?

-- In 1987, at age 18, Jhatu pleaded guilty to the contract murder of Matsqui, B.C., resident Ranjit Toore. Jhatu beat Toore to death, doused her body in gasoline and set it ablaze after being hired to commit the murder by Toore's husband.
It gets better.
In 2004, Jhatu convinced the National Parole Board to release him from prison on the understanding he would voluntarily leave the country.
Oh my goodness... he lied? Who could've possibly seen that coming?

We're finally gonna chase down some of these monsters and catapult their asses outta the country?

Majority government... I'm lovin' it.


JA Goneaux said...

Tattoo them on the forehead: "Not to return to Canada".

Customs question would consist of one question: "Please take off your hat"....

Anonymous said...

Me too!
Good assessment and true as well.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is chasing down the crooks. Harper has allocated no money to cops. He is building jails. You've been had.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny prattles... Harper has allocated no money to cops"

ah, nonny... what a stunningly simple-minded thesis... although i suppose i shouldn't expect your "a" game at one in the morning.

unfortunately, police departments continue to be funded and to daily pursue & incarcerate all kinds of criminals.

and, seriously... these myriad jails that stephen harper is building... where exactly are they? you have special knowledge of secret baffin island gulags?

in short... you're just another unimaginative, foil-hatted, dumbass troll. i mean, shouldn't you be over at rabble eulogising comrade jack?

regardless, i do thank you for playing... your kneejerk commentary reinforces all the popular perceptions about the lame-o, lunatic left.


CJ said...

Neo, if you'd only included this link to the online CBSA list you would have known to tell Nonny that three of 'em have been picked up already.

I like this most-wanted-list stuff. It's cheap and it's educational.

Neo Conservative said...

"cj says... I like this most-wanted-list stuff. It's cheap and it's educational."

and, most importantly, it works. instead of all the ndp prattle about root causes... we're actually taking bad guys off the streets.