22 August 2011

By the end of today's news cycle...

...there will be no part of his anatomy left unkissed...
let the uncritical adoration beginGoing...
let the uncritical adoration continueGoing...
jack it upGone... Day One's hands-down winner is the Toronto Sun website with 5 of 6 items above the fold Layton-centric...
we have a winner**********

FROM THE COMMENTS: The medium is the mudpie...

"How utterly cruel you are... an inherently disrespectful nature... say a kind word or too(sic), or otherwise to shut up about the man... makes you a jerk... YOU...ARE...DISGUSTING... Unshackled by outdated, useless ideals of civility... I initially said 'douche' instead of 'jerk'... you're kind of being a jerk... Pretty subhuman... you just shit your pants."
Meanwhile... on the other side of the great divide...
"I see that Layton's 'love letter to Canada' is currently dominating the news cycle, and frankly, I'm dreading the fawning cliches that will be rebroadcast every fifteen minutes until the day after his funeral."

DAY TWO: The Jackening continues...

...and continues...the saga continues...and, well... you get the picture...

rollin', rollin', rollin'...but... just in case you don't...state funeral


Frances said...

Neo - today 'nil nisi' should hold. After all, it's the rare person who, at his or her death, does not need the charity of others in remembering his/her legacy.

I took strong issue with both Mr Layton's ideology and actions, but today I acknowledge there is a loss. And not all the pandering of the MSM will diminish that.

Anonymous said...

How utterly cruel you are.

Anonymous said...

stay classy!

A truly great Canadian dies tragically, (whether you agreed with him or not), and you couldn't for one day, show some respect?

Not surprising.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, frances... i've never subscribed to that old "airbrushing the poliburo" thing... i feel exactly the same way about a dead jack layton as i do about the live one.

who exactly made up this rule that we suspend critical thinking at the moment of someone's demise? think michael jackson.

seriously... why should anyone get a pass simply because they died. nobody gets out of this thing alive... are we all automatically saints at the moment we shuffle off this mortal coil?

the hypocrisy here is simply astounding. i fully expect lloyd robertson & craig oliver to break down & cry on the 11 o'clock follies.


Webstravaganza said...

The issue, of course, is that you approach politics from such an inherently disrespectful nature that you're unable to show respect to someone with views which differ from your own.

The sad state of affairs that is the overwhelmingly vitriolic and hyper-partisan mindset of modern politics is a never-ending source of bemusement and general sadness for me.

For the record, I would have said this to someone acting similarly towards, say, Stephen Harpers death.

Political views shouldn't supersede basic humanity and yet they almost always invariably do. It's a big damn shame.

maryT said...

So far the only one mentioning his efforts to form a coalition and overthrow the govt is Dave Rutherford. That also is part of his legacy. Will his bloc mps go back to the bloc or stay with the ndp.
I shudder to think of Thomas Mulcair as leader of the ndp.
And so far I have not seen any coverage of comments from Nycole.

cycroft said...

On the day of a man's death, one would think we could be charitable enough to avoid speaking badly of him, if only for the sake of his family and friends--I find nothing hypocritical about that.

I would think, also, that even among hard-nosed conservatives, we would have enough charity to say a kind word or too, or otherwise to shut up about the man.

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum

And it isn't "critical thinking" that we ask to be suspended, it's lack of compassion.

The Grey Lady said...

OMG jack seems to be benefiting from the mSM Manual of how to white wash a "personality.

I didn't hate or dislike Jack because he was an idiot NDP I couldn't stand him because he was a crass opportunist and one of the biggest hypocrites I ever had the misfortune to meet.

Either the man was one of the STUPIDEST people or one of the stupidest liars. Shiatsu my a$$.

Everyone dies, it's the price you pay to live, but death cleans nothing nor should it.

Neo Conservative said...

"webstravaganza says... you approach politics from such an inherently disrespectful nature"

you mean, unlike the socialist-in-chief? seriously?

" -- OTTAWA -- Despite a recent pledge to restore order and civility to the House of Commons, NDP leader Jack Layton was the least civil Parliamentarian prior to this spring's election, according to researchers' analysis of Question Period."

but heck... let's just leave the myth of personality for a bit. how about we go hard science & just do the math?

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper's expenses came to $281,255.67, compared to Liberal Leader's Michael Ignatieff's $570,984.10."

"NDP Leader Jack Layton racked up the highest expense account despite being the leader of the smallest party. Layton billed taxpayers for $628,913.68."

"MP Olivia Chow, who isn't a party leader, knows how to party nonetheless... $530,304.73."

good ol' smilin' jack... always thinking about the little folk. so sorry, folks... enough mythology... enough unthinking cult worship.

you want rainbows & unicorns webby.. you won't get it here.

and russ... by speaking badly i assume you mean to take me to issue on specifics. have i said anything that is not factual? jack may have been a wonderful family man and friend to many... but that sure doesn't make him a saint... or a political sage.

there is already too little critical thinking in this country. i believe that the ndp & their policies would be a disaster for canada.

in my book, you don't get a pass... simply because you have passed.


maryT said...

Why did he bill the govt so much money. Saving this money will help balance the budget.

newcenturion said...

Webstravaganza said "Political views shouldn't supersede basic humanity"

Well put.

Webstravaganza said...

Neo, I appreciate the response and info you've thrown my way, but I should point out that nowhere in my comment will you find me claiming that Jack Layton was a pillar of virtue and respectability. My comment made no mention of anything he's ever said or done, ever.

The issue is not about how "they" act, and about how "we" or "I" act.

Jack Layton could have been a complete jerk, but being anything but respectful about him doesn't make him any more of a jerk. It just makes you a jerk too.

And yeah, I realize I'm probably in the wrong place (the internet) to be preaching open-mindedness regarding political discourse.

But oh well. I'd rather waste my breath asking people to respect one another than be silent or join in on the behaviour I seek to change.

Anonymous said...

My opinion of Jack will not change with his death, but I don't need to criticize him today.
A widow is crying, we can take a day off from the politcs.


Anonymous said...

I come here for a factual, unvarnished, no unicorn poop point of view.
That is worth something when all else is said and done.
We will all stage exit left, or right as our passions and convictions guide us.
When the attempted coalition coup was short circuited by ordinary Canadians, we all breathed a sigh of relief.
I appreciate your point of view Neo, it's not like you posted Hilare Belloc's "Epitath for a Politician".
Hilare also said foolish people.
"In soft deluding lies delight.
A shadow marks our days, which end in night."
We should consider every day what our legacy is, to our childern and to our Country.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Neo has it right. One of the many problems with the politics of Canada is the politicians treat running this country as a part time job (lets all be buddies in the bar after work).It doesn't work in business, why would we expect it to work in the business of running Canada. A self serving snake oil salesman will always be a self serving snake oil salesman.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

"webby says... Jack Layton could have been a complete jerk, but being anything but respectful about him doesn't make him any more of a jerk."

funny... i never said jack was a jerk... that'd be, uh... you. right before you called me a jerk.

what i am mostly objecting to here is the unthinking, kneejerk canonisation of celebrities (and yes, the msm turns politicians into celebs) at the moment of their death... and the unquestioned assumption that we should all climb on board.

i didn't know jack AND i despised his politics. i feel no loss and i'll be damned if i'm gonna eulogise his life. that is a job for his family & friends.

what i mostly object to here is the media cult of personality, or to be more precise, how simple-minded most people seem to be in this day & age. if ctv says you should be in mourning... you just roll with the propaganda.

the man got a free ride because he was personable. by that standard, rick mercer, or pinball clemmons should be prime minister.

it's like worshipping janis joplin... while totally ignoring that she stupidly died in a pool of her own vomit. and what did jack do at his own waterloo moment? that's right... he lied.

tell me webby... if stephen harper is found in a chinatown brothel... are you and your media brothers-in-grief just gonna give him a pass? or does that simply end his political career?

and that's not a rhetorical question.


Cha-Ching said...

Is is sad that he died because of cancer? Sure it is, no more than for anyone who dies of cancer. Joe Blow that once lived down my street died last week and was a good guy, perhaps even saintly. Will those now bleating, crying, and praising Layton as "great" in death when he wasn't in life shed tears for Joe Blow as well? Hardly, nor should they.

So no, I will NOT hypocritically shed a tear for Layton, whose policies would have ruined this nation had he gained power. Those flogging themselves like some Opus Dei initiate are probably the same fools that think that there would was nothing wrong with Gilles Ducceppe getting a job at the CBC, that he was a great guy, just a little misguided, curiously forgetting that his views essentially make him a traitor. It was also the same when Lucien Bouchard unfortunatley lost his leg to flesh eating disease, something that didn't diminsh one iota that he is an utter asshole. The mewling emotional outpouring and handwringing for that separatist traitor, whose political zeal would have destroyed Canada's unity, was bile inducing.

What I will remember most about Layton is him pushing a woman's arm out of the way on national television so that his face would get on our TV screens during a time when he could have the most exposure during the Olympics; a shameless self promoter that didn't see a camera he didn't like.

The inevitable hero/cult-like worship that will spew forth on the various news programs will be nauseating; that is, were I so inclined to punish myself.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that no one has said what I thought when I found out he had prostrate cancer--what stage--when he had hip surgery--why? I thought he was opportunistic for calling this election and I think he did as he felt this was his last chance. I cannot get the scene out of my mind when he stood there and told Mr. Harper to step aside quietly and not fight the facts (coalition). I thought he was selfish as he should have stepped down when he found out he had cancer!

Anonymous said...

if stephen harper is found in a chinatown brothel... are you and your media brothers-in-grief just gonna give him a pass? or does that simply end his political career?

I think I would at least respect the man and his family during a time of grief.

It doesn't take much to honour this. And you spend your time sarcastically spouting "compassionate intellectual left"?


Smallbones said...


Cha-Ching said...

And spare us the outrage when we say we refuse to give "respect" for Layton, in any form, just because he is dead. I didn't like his policies in life and believe they would have been the utter ruin of our nation if they have been allowed to be carried out. His being dead hardly diminishes that, so I won't be hypocritically eulogizing him. A common and decent respect for ANY dead person has nothing to do with it; this death zeal, however, is sickening.

Who here who happens to be an ardent NDP or Liberal supporter can honestly say that they would be lamenting the loss of Stephen Harper as a "great man" if he had passed away in similar circumstances? Come on, at least have the spine to say that you wouldn't, because, well, you wouldn't. Be honest, you'd be figuratively dancing on his grave. So spare us the sanctimonious tearing of your clothing, your donning of sackcloth and the smearing of your face in ashes just because we don't share your loss.

cosmocanuck said...

NeoCon, you're a wonderful example of the kind of Conservative thinking of the modern Canadian era. Unshackled by outdated, useless ideals of civility, or such nonsense as ever separating the human being from his politics and policies. I hope more people look at your blog... and like me, are re-energized in their conviction to vote Green, NDP or Liberal.

Cha-Ching said...

And here is one person that won't forget Layton:


Check out the paragraph at the end of the article from someone who "sheds tears" for Layton, and the first comment in the comments secion.


Webstravaganza said...

Woops. I initially said "douche" instead of "jerk" and changed it for fear that it would be perceived as an implication that you were saying it about him and I was saying it about you. That wasn't the case.

To clarify: The comment wasn't directed specifically at you and was meant as an example. The only two times I've been speaking directly at you in my responses are the first paragraph of each previous one. The remainder if me speaking in general terms.

And to respond to your non-rhetorical question: If Harper had been "found in a brothel" I'd have done exactly the same as what I did when Layton was "found in a brothel": I'd have made fun of the situation, I'd have expected each side to launch their stereotypically mundane and predictable verbal responses in attack of one another, and I'd have shaken my head at the behaviour of most people with regards to their complete inability to discuss politics in anything resembling a civil manner.

If Harper died tomorrow I'd be saying exactly the same thing to the lefties who respond to his death the same way you've responded to Laytons.

The thing is: being rude, disrespectful, crass or ignorant to people who disagree with you will never serve a productive purpose. Unless, of course, one approaches political discourse with the intent of simply throwing muck about, and not genuinely attempting to find better solutions for political problems.

I respect the right of individuals to have opinions which differ from my own, and to express them in ways I don't find productive. But I always wonder if, in being rude in how they express those opinions, they genuinely give a damn about political discourse and the response they generate... or if they're just pandering to their own side and trying to score "points" for some purpose or other.

In the end though, just to be perfectly clear, I should make this point:

If, on the day a man dies, unless that man was an inhuman monster of some sort (which, regardless of your stance on his politics, no reasonable person would think of Jack Leyton), and you write a blog post where you come across as angry that people aren't attacking him ON THE DAY HE DIED...

...you're kind of being a jerk.

Al the Fish said...

Your headline is valid and I echo your opinion Neo. Nothing to see here, move along everybody.

FREE said...

Over at SDA they shut down comments on Taliban Jack because to many people were pointing out the truth and thats just cruel I guess.

as to Jack OFF Layton being a great Canadian, PFFFFT. He was nothing more than a Stalinist and deserves to be castigated as one.

Anonymous said...

Pretty subhuman.

Anonymous said...

"there is already too little critical thinking in this country. i believe that the ndp & their policies would be a disaster for canada."

Aptly proving your point.

As for the rest I am thankful you are a Harper supporter. It speaks volumes about you & those people.

Robert said...

Jack Layton was an enemy of my country and and a serious threat to my rights and freedoms,my way of life and standard of living. You will not see any crocidile tears shed by me.

dmorris said...

CBC Newsworld seems to be taking the day off to mourn the man they call a "great Canadian".

Your comments are kind of refreshing after having perused most of the BT this morning,and seen almost every site has a post extolling the alleged virtues of Canada's Supreme Socialist.Some even said Canada is lessened as a Country by his passing.

The overblown rhetoric of the MSM,and now some of the Blogging Tories,imho.

While no one wishes prostate cancer on anyone,except the political Left in Canada who wish a painful death for Stephen Harper,I don't see deifying a man with whom we disagreed heartily on all things political.

Layton spent his entire working life as a politician,never earned a dollar from anyone other than the taxpayer. He was a professional politician.

Canada needs fewer like him,an observer of the life of the Canadian worker/taxpayer,but never a participant in that life.

We are ruled by a political elite class,and Layton epitomized that class.

He's dead,at a young age.

Now,let's save all the comments scolding us for not speaking kindly of Layton on his death,for the day a prominent Conservative dies,Klein or Harris, and see if the compassionate Left will hold to their own rules.

Anonymous said...

"what i am mostly objecting to here is the unthinking, kneejerk canonisation of celebrities... and the unquestioned assumption that we should all climb on board."

Well said.
What I'll remember Jack for is his hypocrisy in publicly proclaiming the NDP's free vote on C-391, while privately twisting selected party MP's arms to vote against it. It was as obvious as it was disgraceful.
That and the Velvet Touch thing.

mahmood said...

I hope Olivia didn't unpack the dishes and silverware.

john s said...

Hold on there, folks. The post did NOT disparage mr layton, it disparaged our reaction to his death. There is a big difference.
Personally i feel sorry for mr Layton and his family. However, i am not going to pretend he was something else in life than he wasn't. Why would anyone do that except to posture and feel smug?

Anonymous said...

After reading some of these comments I am reminded of why I did not vote conservative. Whether you liked Jack Layton and/or his policies - or not - it would have taken very little effort to show a little respect on the day of his death. And if you had no kind words to say, then it would have been a measure of maturity to just say nothing at all.
R.I.P Jack.

Anonymous said...

Twitter is populated with left wing nutjobs today lamenting that it was Jack Layton, and not Stephen Harper who died.

They're certainly classy, upstanding individuals, aren't they?

We conservatives are better than that.

Nothing will diminish Jack Layton's ideologically incorrect and destructive legacy. We will remember he advocated negotiating with terrorists. We will remember he tried to overthrow a ratified government without an election.

However none of that contradicts the reality that Layton was still a father, a husband, and likely genuinely believed he was advocating the right thing - however wrong it was in reality.

So on the day of his death, we should try to find something - however small - nice to say about him. It doesn't make us weak. It doesn't make us hypocrites. It makes us bigger people. It shows the Left that we - conservatives - are better than they are.

Anonymous said...

Neo, yes the msm will engage in the requisite hagiography. But, it is our nature and social convention that upon one's death we at the least offer condolences to their family and friends. For if nothing else, he was a father and a husband.

Perhaps, one might be inclined to offer an acknowledgement of one of his positive traits that lends neither endorsement nor promotion to his ideologies. "He was passionate about his vision of Canada". Failing that, say nothing that would suggest reveling in a fellow human being's death, lest your own humanity be diminished.


syncrodox said...


Well said. The inevitable does not supersede the historical.

That said, my condolences to those who truly cared.

Tim Lasson said...

While I was no fan of Mr. Layton's politics, my parents did instill in me the notion of "a time and a place". Now is not the time nor place to get into this. I'm not saying to lionize him, but for now follow the old adage "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything". In time,there will be the opportunity to criticize his politics from a historical viewpoint. Sir, your righteous indignation only serves as fuel to the left's caricature of the right as "mean-spirited idealogues".

Cha-Ching said...


What is worse, merely refusing to eulogise Layton as some here are doing, or wishing it were Harper instead.

Once again, the caring compassionate left in all of it's glorious hypocrisy.

James said...

Speaking ill of the dead is poor form, but I can't say I disagree with any of the points Neo has raised in his various rebuttals to those critical of his original post.

I see that Layton's 'love letter to Canada' is currently dominating the news cycle, and frankly, I'm dreading the fawning cliches that will be rebroadcast every fifteen minutes until the day after his funeral.

What none of these reports will even think of mentioning is that on the morning of May 2nd, Jack Layton had the distinct possibility of becoming the Prime Minister with a minority coalition government. On the campaign trail he brushed aside questions about his health; in retrospect, I'm not entirely sure he was as frank and honest with the public as the media would have had us believe.

Had he been PM, Layton's death would have thrown the country into chaos. That's worthy of discussion, but perhaps not today.

Since his leave of absence, the NDP has been rudderless, and instead of focusing on their role as opposition, the party has been and will continue to be a collection of individuals jostling in the queue for the position of leader.

Just as Justin Trudeau was vaulted onto the national stage by his eulogy of his father, (and the media fawning that followed what was surely the greatest funeral oration since Mark Antony's), I suspect that every NDP leadership candidate will be crafting their eulogy with the express purpose of generating subsequent media commentary.

And on that, I think Layton would have approved.

Neo Conservative said...

"webstravaganza says... If Harper had been 'found in a brothel' I'd have done exactly the same as what I did when Layton was 'found in a brothel': I'd have made fun of the situation"

made fun, webby?

seriously... you'd have laughed about that?

to refresh your memory, my friend... the purpose of the police raid on the "velvet touch massage parlour" that night was to find and stop child prostitution... i repeat... to stop child sexual slavery... a crime that i, speaking only for myself, of course... find singularly unfunny.

when mr layton was found naked by the police... in a chinatown brothel... while they were looking to interdict child prostitution... he had a choice.

mr layton made that choice. he kept his head down & prayed the story would never again raise it's ugly head. and when it did, he offered up a story i couldn't sell to a room full of inebriated castro apologists.

i'm not laughing at, or celebrating mr layton's death. i am however lamenting the automatic & ridiculous cycle of adoration bestowed upon every rapper, actor or politician who shuffles off this mortal coil... regardless of their personal failings.

respect & honour are not awarded by a political party or a media conglomerate... or by bloggers of any persuasion... they are earned... daily.

so sorry... death doesn't mitigate or magically wipe away all your sins. a sincere apology could have taken jack most of the way... but that's not the path he chose, is it?

my original post here was one sentence commenting on the media's unvarying proclivity to canonise mr layton & his ilk upon the occasion of their passing.

here in the comments... i'm merely answering questions & accusations. If you don't wanna know, webby... don't ask.

don't ask... and i won't tell.


maryT said...

I also was impressed with Justin's eulogy of his father, till I learned he was a drama teacher and it was, IMHO, an example of his talents. Like PET, Jack will not be coming back.
But, every time his wife appears in the HofC he will be remembered. Too bad for the interim leader.

Anonymous said...

well, at least 'bubba' and 'cha-ching' agrees with neo.

When you want some attention, I guess you just shit your pants. And boom, 41 comments.

Sean M said...

A career politician of the extreme left has died, a self serving man who contributed very little to the country, and in fact cost the country a small fortune. A self serving man who would do and say anything for a chance at power, including an attempt at seizing power through the back door with the help of the Separatists. It's a sad day for Laytons family, friends and the media, for anyone else, I'm not sure. I didn't know Layton personally, didn't agree with his ideology and I believe he was a danger to the country. Perhaps the imposition of political correctness has made it an imperative to mourn along with all those on the extreme left when one of their own passes away. Let the MSM, his family and Laytons political, and union comrades mourn his loss and canonize him until the end of time, but I see no reason to force Neo or anyone else to partake in the orgy of political correctness.

prairie dog said...

I won't shed a tear for Jack, or miss him at all.

Cancer can Kill.

Left-minded politics still suck.

Anonymous said...

If Harper died, I would show respect. I wouldn't pretend to suddenly agree with his politics, but I would remember that people love him and would be in pain. I would express that compassion & say nothing else. It is very sad when anybody dies before they reach old age.

Webstravaganza said...

Yeah, I made fun of the situation during the election. So did about 98% of your "colleagues".

I make fun of people, that's what I do. And I can make fun of Jack for accusations that he hired a prostitute without simultaneously condoning child prostitution. And your implication that in not mirroring your exact sentiment regarding the issue perfectly implies that I DO condone child prostitution is such an obvious and petty cheap shot, not to mention an incredible leap away from basic reasoning, as to be absurdly childish.

Your responses to me up until now have simply been passive aggressive, in what I assumed was an attempt to give you a sense of intellectual superiority considering you probably thought I was here with some sort of vendetta against you. Going from that to implying I'm ok with child prostitution is pretty ridiculous and I expected better from you based on the other stuff I'd seen on your blog, which I only discovered yesterday.

While I doubt you'll believe me, I had no ulterior motive in coming here other than to make my initial point: People need to take a step back when discussing politics in our country and stop treating one another like the scum of the earth.

Given the massive and ridiculous turn this conversation took via your last response, I'd say my point was completely lost on you.

Anonymous said...

You made a real bad call here Neo. I know you were making a comment about media coverage.

Waiting a couple of days or so would have been the wiser choice.

I've lost (and am losing) enough friends and family to cancer to make it a sticky one for me despite what I thought about Layton.

To refuse to be silent for a while is self indulgent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry people die everyday and Jack Layton accomplished nothing for this country. Now I am guessing the left tards are going to want to ramp up a multi billion dollar jack cancer research centre.

Cha-Ching said...

All these people calling Layton a "great man", and a "great Canadian". But I have yet to hear from the many I have asked saying all that just what it is about him that he should be called "great".

Of all the people in Canada that die everyday, those people who have paid their taxes, gave to their community, and did good everyday of their life, what is it about them that doesn't qualify for the same moniker of "great" that the MSM and other assorted sycophants are so eager to bestow on Layton?

Will they eulogize the teacher in Calgary who gave her whole life to betterment of education? Will they bestow "greatness" upon the person who ran ran the city mission in Montreal and who fed the homeless every night? Will they pay homage to the boy scout pack leader in Sudbury who gave of himself every day to see that kids could learn valuable life lessons?

No, they reserve all that for a career politican who is no greater or lesser than those people, and whose name will never be lauded as so prominent as Layton's, and who certainly will never receive a state funeral. And I should not speak the truth about Layton just because he is dead, when those people I previously mentioned won't even be known in life by those all ready to practically canonize Layton as someone whose death actually diminishes our country?

Spare me.

Cha-Ching said...

By mid-day, after Prime Minister Stephen Harper had offered a few warm words about Mr. Layton's death and rued that their oft-talked-about jam session had never happened, Mr. Solomon even expressed sniping surprise that Jack Layton wasn't the sole focus of the Prime Minister's remarks.

Mr. Harper, who clearly had not spent the day watching the national broadcaster and thus was unaware that the NDP Leader's death was the only story of note, had gone on to mention the families of the 12 people (including six-year-old Cheyenne Eckalook; now there's someone who died far too young) who perished in the Arctic plane crash on Saturday.........

Where is the "great" moniker for Cheyenne Eckalook?

I am betting dollars to doughnuts that these asshats falling all over themselves to eulogize and canonize Layton as a "great Canadian", who the country is somehow poorer without, don't even know this little girl's name and have already forgotten the story. Where are the top to bottom headlines? Where is the eulogy? Again, spare me the Layton love-fest.

Cha-Ching said...

And here is the link. Finally a breath fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Neo! The sun I see did once again rise over our great Country.
We, as a country came periously close to having a legal election voided for no other reason then a coalition conspiring to take power.
The cat-bird seat in that coalition belonged to a party dedicated to breaking up this Country.
Anyone associated with that attemped coup, is firmly off side with this Canadian.
Nothing is going to change that point of view.
The Main Stream Media can do whatever it likes.
I, like, the majority of Canadians, don't watch CBC or CTV talking heads, they don't speak for me.
I speak and think for myself.
Cheers Bubba

Cha-Ching said...

And the inevitable comparisons to religious figures have begun -


Pat Martin is likening Layton to Martin Luther King. Unreal.

Cha-Ching said...

So why the rush to the polls? After all, overall party standings still put the NDP in third place, and if the party's campaign was to be all about Jack, why not give him more time to recover from prostate cancer and whatever hip problem was forcing him to walk with a cane?

No one would answer the question directly, and certainly not for the record.

But all, in their muted way, left no doubt there was a fear that if the party waited too long, Layton's health could take a turn for the worse.


Yeah........wow. Words fail......

Kai said...

I am sick to death of all the accolades being heaped upon Taliban Jack. The man was a rank opportunist who played the populist card to advance his career. He saw that by playing the form of left wing activist he could build a career where he really needn't actually work.

I bet there are Asian masseuses crying all over the GTA wishing Jack a Happy Finish.

The man was a douchebag and a liar.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... To refuse to be silent for a while is self indulgent."

hey, emily post... what's the rule on happily married men cruisin' whorehouses?

you go ahead & continue to be silent.

i know what sort of persons i want to be pulling the levers of power in any country i live in.


Fred from BC said...

Anonymous said...

If Harper died, I would show respect. I wouldn't pretend to suddenly agree with his politics, but I would remember that people love him and would be in pain. I would express that compassion & say nothing else.

That would be easy enough to do, since there wouldn't be dozens of media outlets trumpeting from the rooftops about how Stephen Harper was THE GREATEST CANADIAN EVER. How he was LOVED BY EVERYONE...and he NEVER, EVER SAID AN UNKIND WORD about anyone else and of course NEVER DID ANYTHING JUST FOR HIS OWN POLITICAL GAIN (it was all for the greater good of Canada, of course).

So many people have clearly missed the point here that it would be futile to even *try* to explain this to them. Neo, MaryT, Grey Lady, Cha-ching, Al, Free, Robert, Syncrodox, dMorris, James, Sean M and a couple of others seem to have had little or no trouble figuring it out, though ("well said", all of you)...so perhaps there is hope that the news media will come to their senses soon as well. Either that or I'll be forced to keep the TV off until sanity once again prevails.

"..a truly great Canadian"? Oh, please. Raise your standards a bit, okay? There are so many more people truly deserving of that accolade, why waste it on a strutting little peacock of a man with delusions of grandeur? What did Jack Layton ever do to benefit anyone other than Jack Layton?

I feel sympathy for his family, but not for him personally.