26 February 2011

Police, Fire & Paramedics rush to building...

...at 1 Yonge Street... as longhaired, hemp-clad bodies start to rain down from overcrowded window ledges...

The survey — an exclusive Star poll of more than 6,000 Canadians - one of the largest samplings of public opinion in advance of a possible spring election — shows the Conservatives have built a daunting 13-point lead over the Liberals nationwide.

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"Sure, Jack, you keep professing your concern for struggling seniors."

"But, please, stop trying to convince me you’re just Joe Lunchbucket or that your concern is anything more than hypothetical."


Alberta Girl said...


maryT said...

And if you go into the breakdown of the poll you will see that the educated are voting conservative, except university educated. But with years of left wingnuts teaching them, who is surprised.
I think there are more non university graduates in canada than graduates. So, we win again.

Gerry said...

In looking at the detail on the breakdown by educational level I am reminded of a comment by George Orwell (one of the only honest socialist I am aware of - Hitchens being the other)to the effect of there are some notions that are so ridiculous that only a self-styled intellectual could possibly believe them. I think liberal and ndp policy positions fall into the largely ridiculous area ergo the self-styled intellectuals take them as articles of faith. Pity

syncrodox said...


I caught this last night when the T-Star first posted their revelation....after reading the comment thread I slept like a baby....uncontrollable sniggering aside.

Dance...dance to the radio said...

This university educated thing needs to be further broken down.
It implicitly says intelligent people will tend to vote less often for conservatives.

What's the breakdown of university educated people who work in the private versus the public sector?

I think we need to know which side these people think their bread is buttered on before that statistic means anything.

Neo Conservative said...

using a university degree as the sole indicator of relative intelligence is a flawed methodology. there are plenty of post-grads out there who aren't especially smart about their careers or their personal lives. lots of so-called intellectuals make really dumb life choices... ie. pierre & maggie.

mrs neo could tell you some stories about the people she ran with back in her post-grad days. in the end, she said what it mostly required was persistence... and that the degree thing in general was largely about methodical people who had trained themselves to be good (as in memorising the shit outta very specific things) at taking tests.

remember... everybody used to talk about how "crazy smart" stephane dion & michael ignatieff were... but it sure hasn't done either of them much good lately.

speaking specifically about political leadership... i think people these days are looking for consistency & integrity over just about anything else.

too much slick just ain't selling like it used to.

and, imho... that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

"... It implicitly says intelligent people will tend to vote less often for conservatives...."

So, syncrodox, you're "implicitily" saying that no INTELLIGENT people go to tech colleges or schools, I guess. Give you head a shake.


robins111 said...

I imagine the staff doctor's gonna need a few more per-printed valium perscription pads this week, I can picture the line ups now.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... you're "implicitily" saying that no INTELLIGENT people go to tech colleges or schools, I guess."

hang on... are you "implicitily" saying that you can read people's minds? 'cos... that's not what i got from sync's comment.

perhaps... instead of a feeble personal attack on another commenter, in an obvious attempt to jam up the comment thread... you could tell us how you feel about the poll yourself?

you wanna make an observation here about another commenter... maybe back it up with, what's that word... oh yeah... facts.


Dance...dance to the radio said...

To Anon MM.

The Star article gave the breakdown by education.
Clearly shown was a trend to more lefties by credentials acquired and it's obvious to me they wanted to show higher education is inversely proportionate to conservative support.

I went back to school when I was thirty nine, graduating twenty eight months later with a college diploma in electronic engineering.
If I had the resources, I would have taken a four year engineering degree.
My previous job as a banquet manager paid me $32k in my best year. So, my education cost me more than 75 grand in lost income. And I'm gonna have to work about ten years to come out ahead.
Meantime, I spend weekends and holidays with my wife and our two kids instead of working every holiday and every weekend. So, it's worth more to me than what I paid for it even if we had to move to another province to find work.

Also, my wife is a high school graduate who works in sales and makes a lot more money than I do.

The point is, the Star believes that publishing the breakdown by education will sway people leftward.
They believe education indicates intelligence.
And I believe that statistical 'fact' is flawed.
For example, I believe that teachers or nurses in a union will vote more often for socialists.
The fact they have a university degree means nought.
Who signs their paycheque does.

I hope now I've explained where I am coming from you can calm down a bit.
I don't need to give my head a shake.
We're on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella isn't having a very good year, is he?

Neo Conservative said...

didn't they all claim iggy and dion were "the smart ones"?