20 October 2009

From the people who brought you...

...dangerous & irrational mass protests on the Gardiner Expressway...

The Tamil Canadians believe the migrants will make refugee claims. Mr. Anandasangaree said he flew to Vancouver to ensure the men have lawyers and are treated properly.

“If they've willing to risk so much getting here, they deserve a hearing. They deserve our compassion.”
No pal... not if they're not willing to respect Canadian law.


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Heck... let's ask his good buddy, Paulie...
This week, when Prime Minister Paul Martin stopped by for a photo op in Toronto, Anandasangaree was part of an invitation-only meeting with the prime minister.

The Tamil Tigers administer their own territory in the north and east, with their own border controls, customs inspection, jails, passports, judicial and banking systems — and their own time zone (a half-hour difference from the rest of Sri Lanka).

The day after the tsunamis hit, Anandasangaree issued a press release saying his group wanted Ottawa to send aid to Tiger-controlled regions. "When my tax dollars and your tax dollars go there, it should go in a responsible, equitable way," he said, adding that Martin assured him it would.
Hmmm... a sometime Tamil Tiger spokesperson is jetting off to Vancouver to meet these guys?

That's interesting.



Anonymous said...

I think the boat should have been escorted to international waters by HMCS Regina and warned that if it came back into Canadian waters it would be sunk. That would discourage the ships that are now likely lining for the trip to tolerant(easy money) Canada.

Rob C

Brian said...

Out illustrious , crappy left-leaning , whining media makes little or no mention of how much each of these "refugees" paid for a place on the boat.

The price according the the Australians is $15,000US EACH ... so where did the money come from ?

Was if part of the illegal millions Tamil Tiger sympathizers in Toronto sent to the Tigers ... any bets we will not hear this question for the MSM in Canada?


Neo Conservative said...

"brian says... The price according the the Australians is $15,000US EACH"

that's apparently only the price for the boat down south. they interviewed one of those guys on ctv last night, who said the sister-boat to canada was 45k a throw.

and, of course, none of these guys was carrying identification. how many fleeing tamil tigers in the group?

well, the fact is... no one knows.

send 'em back and they can get in line.

one people, one law.


sanwin said...

Here's some more information about Gary.


Neo Conservative said...

"sanwin says... some more information..."

thx for this... main post updated.


maryT said...

Where did they get the money for the trip, who paid for them. Sleeper cells in waiting.
Send a message, all future ships will be escorted out of Canadian waters and left to their own devices.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt asks... Where did they get the money for the trip, who paid for them?"

two important questions... but whaddaya wanna bet we never find out?