04 September 2007

Support this Trooper

Even if you can't find it in yourself to support the troops in Afghanistan, maybe you could get off your doughy, civilian ass and write a letter to your Member of Parliament... to support this one soldier.

A year-and-a-half ago, Capt. Kim Fawcett was walking her nine-and-a-half month old son Keiran to his grandmother's house when they were hit by a car.

Fawcett was about to be deployed to Afghanistan for the second time. Fawcett lost her leg and her son was killed in the accident.

Despite her personal tragedy, Fawcett never lost her spirit or her drive.
She lost a young child, she lost a leg... but she never lost heart...
In May, she competed in the Limestone Charity Triathlon.

"I was competitive in swimming and the cycling", said Fawcett. "But I had to walk the running portion of the event because they took away my running leg.''

Fawcett was denied funding for a running leg under the Blue Cross Administered Spectrum of Care policy.

She had to return the running leg to her doctor.

Injured soldiers are allowed two legs under the policy. Fawcett requested her second leg be her running leg, but athletics prosthetics are not covered under the plan.

"It is frustrating because I am entitled to two legs and my walking leg cost $40,000 while my running leg cost $18,000."
I support Captain Kim Fawcett.

And so should you all.

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Anonymous said...

This was a terrible thing that happened to her. Why isn't the vehicle liability insurance of the person who hit her and her little son paying for her prosthetic?
It is because of the accident she is in need of it....not from her service in the Canadian Military.

Neo Conservative said...

you're missing the point.

she obviously has blue cross medical insurance through the military... which entitles her to two legs.

the insanity is that the walking leg costs $40,000 and the running leg costs $18,000... but the insurance won't cover the running leg even though it would save $20,000.

who knows if the other driver even had insurance and a civil suit can take years to go through the courts.

the government should just lean on the insurer.

she's been through enough shit for 10 lifetimes.