09 September 2007

Outing Miss Daisy

I'm pretty sure there's a little more blood to be wrung out of this stone... come join the debate...

You want dissonance... come watch the lunatic left (hey... what exactly happened to feminist ideals) defend a man whose vocabulary consists primarily of the words "cunt" and "slut".

UPDATE: The Cynic tries some arm-twisting

Now he's threatening Stephen Taylor of the Blogging Tories.

So, Stephen ... shall we take bets on how long it is before Neo crosses the line into actual stalking?

Ah, but that's not your problem, is it? We've already established your level of principles and, sadly, they're nothing to write home about, so don't sweat it.

Until the first application for a restraining order.

Then maybe you're going to have some explaining to do.
Funny how the whole world is fair game for CC's foul, unreasoning rants... but presto... out come the legal threats as soon as the lens is turned the other way.

The flopsweat's a little off-putting... but you've gotta love the irony here.


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Sitemeter tells me someone is frantically pawing through my old posts at Google cache... presumably looking for the holy grail of my downfall.

Gee, Cynic... how's that been workin out for you?


And sure enough, CC replies...
"I can assure you that wasn't me since, given our current conflict, there's no logical reason why I'd want to peruse your archives."
That's his story and he's stickin' to it.

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langmann said...

Having looked through CC's blog, bylined by the thought that everyone should think like him:

It's a good thing that nutcases like that aren't actually running this country.

Even the poor would be poorer with guys like that in charge.

Anonymous said...

The standards for everyone else somehow don't apply to CC and now he is whining (again) to Mr. Taylor in lip quivering fashion that he's been hard done by when called on for his bullshit and likewise given no quarter.

But then, CC's a so-called "progressive", therefore this level of hypocricy is par for the course.

Neo Conservative said...

another small point.

the whole thing is just so vituperative, not to mention misogynistic.

anybody who feels compelled to use the word cunt, every time he refers to a woman, obviously has some serious relationship issues... something like a really bad divorce, perhaps.

i had hoped one of the wymyn at the proggie picnic would drop in with an opinion... but i guess that isn't gonna happen.


Ti-Guy said...

i had hoped one of the wymyn at the proggie picnic would drop in with an opinion... but i guess that isn't gonna happen.

...not without their cans of mace, I would imagine.

Isn't that right, stalky?

Anonymous said...

Of course CC has women problems. Haven't you seen him blog lovingly about his cats in the past?

Anonymous said...

You should be careful, Macadamia, CC might sue you for invasion of privacy for using sitemeter to spy on him.

(I am posting this anonymously, and you had better not try to out me, or else I will whine about it incessantly;) ((And do not try to use your Jedi sitemeter tricks on me, either.))

Clive said...

Puh-leeze... the whole thing was started because his cat died.

Pussy jokes are beneath corgis.

But in my experience any man that is sent that unhinged by the loss of a cat is unlikely to be straight, therefore I cannot concur with the 'wymyn' issues consensus.

Balbulican said...

Is it just me, or is blogdom kind of eating itself of late?

Ti-Guy said...

Are Blogging Tories part of blogdom? I thought it was some sort of mental health therapy programme those moonbats and fiberals at Health Canada dreamed up...with my taxes, à part de d'ça!

Neo Conservative said...

"ti-guy said... I thought it was some sort of mental health therapy programme"

so... 2 comments here and 9 comments on the post before that... and apart from the usual homoerotic innuendo... it's all just grade school name-calling.

you need to get out more, kid.


justfrank said...

This CC guy sounds like the real deal-lost his marbles "Discovery Channel" type of nutcase !