13 September 2007

Aboriginal terrorists...

Beat Caledonia housing developer so severely... he ends up in hospital in serious condition...
Up to 20 native protestors are occupying a hill near a contested development site in Caledonia tonight.

The occupation follows an altercation earlier in the day that sent a Caledonia man, 52, to hospital. Now, up to 50 area residents have gathered by the Stirling Woods subdivision. OPP, provincial officials and area councillors are also at the site.

At about 4 p.m., a sub-developer got into a confrontation with a group of occupiers and was injured. He was taken from the site by ambulance in serious condition.
The people of Caledonia have been living in fear for 19 months now.

Hey Dalton... how far will you let this thuggery go?


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As he has before, Mr. Hampton slammed Mr. McGuinty for giving MPPs a raise just four days before last Christmas that hiked the Premier's pay by an “extravagant” amount.

The $22,000 increase in base pay raised the minimum salary for all members to $110,000 a year. Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty received a $39,000 raise to boost his premiers' annual salary to $198,620.

The NDP Leader said Mr. McGuinty's raise alone was higher than what the average Ontario worker makes in total each year.
See... Dalton can actually lead the charge when it's "something important."


UPDATE: Does somebody have to die...

Before Dalton Do-Little actually stands up for the rule of law in Ontario?
Sam Gualtieri, 52, of Caledonia, was found unconscious on the floor inside the home with at least four young men, his brother Joe, told The Globe and Mail. His brother was trying to chase them out of the house when they punched him, his nephews later told him.

"The Indian was striking him on the head with a two-by-four while he was unconscious."
Know what Sam Gualtieri was doing there? He was checking on a home he was building for his daughter and her fiancé.



LATEST UPDATE: Not backing up an inch
Aboriginals said they occupied the site because developers had not followed up on a promise to learn more about their new development protocols.
Yeah, I recognise that one... the old Jimmy Hoffa "two by four" protocol.

Hey Dalton, can we call in the cops now?

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