09 August 2007

To Sue and Reject

Another proud moment in First Nations history...

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory’s police chief is suing the province for what he alleges was improper procedure in suspending him for comments attributed to him in a college newspaper.

Hay came under fire in April when in a Loyalist College article, he is quoted as calling the Royal Canadian Mounted Police "a racist organization" and that he "came here to learn the OPP and the SQ (Surete de Quebec) are no different."
It's apparently less important here to "Serve and Protect" than to line up with the home team.
"It’s deep-seated racism, and they will do all kinds of things to show that it isn’t so, but we know better."


Say, Daniel... what's that you were saying about, "willing to paint us all with one brush"?

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

It is impossible for oppressed minorities to be racist. The dynamic of the inherent structural dichotomy of the antideluvian- aw crap it's too hard to write like a po-mo leftist blowhard without a coffee in me.....I 'll be back

Anonymous said...

You'll need something stronger than coffee to accomplish that deed.

Anonymous said...

maybe ask davidson what he uses, if anything at all.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... maybe ask davidson what he uses"

my money's on peyote.


el kabong said...

Si hefi, the gringo davidson habla the peyote.