13 September 2006

War: Canadian style

Forget about getting military advice from those pesky Generals. Let's ask a guy who lectures university kids... what he thinks.
A Montreal political scientist said if there are casualties from Quebec, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives could pay a heavy price in political support in a province already deeply opposed to the war.
So, we're ok with having an army, maybe even sending them places... just as long as nobody gets hurt. Got it.

And let's keep the French guys at the back, just in case things get ugly. It's not like anybody's gonna miss a kid from Toronto or St. John.

Oh yeah, one more thing... let's try not to look too scary.
In addition, the grim appearance and destructive power of up to 15 Leopard tanks has the potential to further alienate Afghans already suspicious of foreign troops.
Ok, deep breaths, deep breaths, calm, calm.

Easy... easy.

Ok, here's what I think. If I came home from work and my house was on fire... who would I want running up that ladder to pull my kid to safety?

At that point I wouldn't be thinking SAT scores, or where anybody came from, or even gender... assuming that the woman who sprang into action was the biggest, strongest, most single-minded sonofabitch on the scene. I'd just want my kid safe on the ground beside me.

And that's what we need to do here.

As far as foot soldiers are concerned, tanks are the biggest, meanest kids on the block. If they have the potential to protect our guys and create big steaming piles of Tali-burger (and anybody with a room temperature IQ will tell you they do) then we have an obligation to send them into the fray. Piss on the optics, ignore the political fallout... just do the right thing.

Blood, sweat and tears, that's how wars are won... and I'll kick the ass of any political scientist who says different.

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