02 September 2019

Why wasn't Seth Ator in jail?

And what about the cop who ignored this initial complaint?insert alt text here

A neighbor there has said she reported Ator to police after he threatened her with a rifle for leaving trash near his property, claiming he would also sit on top of his home and shoot animals at night.

Police never responded then because they could not find the house on GPS, the woman told NewsWest 9.
Remember, when seconds count... the police are only minutes away.


UPDATE: I'm from the government... I'm here to save you
It also was not immediately clear when or why Ator had failed the background check.
UPDATE2: Crazy as a shithouse mouse...
Ator failed a background check to purchase a gun in 2014 in Texas “because he was diagnosed as being mentally ill.”

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Milano, who recently came out and bragged about two abortions she had when she was younger, did not respond to Cruz's reply to her.