19 September 2019

I know what I'd be praying for

Now that's a little strange... this "professional" journalist has absolutely nothing to say about the "plaza's prayer room" where the gunfight occured...

Aurangzeb Chaudhry, owner of a convenience store in a plaza near Jane Street & Finch Avenue, said he had just told a man where the plaza's prayer room was located, when suddenly he reappeared with a bullet wound.

He went there and got shot and he came back over here." The man then asked him to call 911.
So what religion are we talking about here? And wouldn't a house of worship be the perfect place to dodge the cops?
The two gunmen are believed to have escaped on foot, each running in opposite directions. For people who work in this plaza, they are used to the gun violence, they said.

This was the fifth time in recent memory there has been a shooting in the area.

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"Police have identified the 18-year-old victim in Monday's fatal shooting on Highway 410 in Brampton. He is D'rae Rhooms-Peters from Brampton."