23 September 2019

♫ "First thing you know..." ♫

Ol' Geb's a millionaire... kinfolk say
...Geb, move away from there
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Initially, he thought he had won $14. In reality, Scarborough resident Michael Gebru had actually won $10.7 million.

Now he’s lying dead in a morgue in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — the victim of a suspected murder.
Scarborough v. Addis Ababa... that's a tough call... just
ask Toronto Life magazine...
"How did boring, white-bread Scarberia become Scarlem — a mess of street gangs, firebombings and stabbings?"

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A Scarborough man in his early 50s has become the city’s latest homicide victim.

The victim is Toronto’s 48th homicide of the year.