14 September 2019

Apparently Kingston's biggest problem...

...isn't Nazis... or pulling down statues of Sir John A. MacDonald... it's homicidal thuggery.insert alt text hereI'm so old, I remember when we kept crazy, violent people under lock & key.

What is it the lefties say... "If it only saves one life."

UPDATE: They lived unhappily ever after...

He's not a murderer... he's a "good kid with demons."

I'm guessing the family of the guy he killed might disagree.insert alt text here"Who you gonna believe... me, or your damn lying eyes?"

A family member and a long-time friend of the stabbing suspect say the man they knew was nothing like the person captured in video footage of the attack.

LAST WORD: I know, let's ask a cop
"Twenty-two-year-old Evan Freeman died at the scene at the intersection of Queen and Bagot Streets after violently attacking two individuals with a knife, and then turning that knife on himself."