19 September 2019

Trudeau "minstrel show" goes international

...almost has enough material for a NetFlix special...insert alt text here

"Then, on Thursday morning, more damaging material surfaced. Mr. Trudeau’s campaign spokeswoman, Zita Astravas, confirmed that a video posted by GlobalNews, a Canada-based news organization, showed the prime minister in the early 1990s dressed in blackface and an Afro wig."

"In the video, he is waving his hands around and sticking out his tongue."
What??!! Like dem coloured folk do? The only thing missing is watermelon & fried chicken.

EZRA UPS THE ANTE:insert alt text here


Pissedoff said...

British black comedian Sir Lenny Henry introduces himself as Justin Trudeau at RTS event on diversity.


Neo Conservative said...

this story has legs. seems people
all around the world are taking it
more seriously than canadians.