23 September 2019

The first 3 times are deductible...

...well... if you're Canadian political royalty...insert alt text here

Time will tell if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s apology for wearing blackface will be accepted by Canadians. We do know he has not accepted similar apologies from his fellow Liberals facing charges of racism.
Just ask Karen Wang...
"Those statements were not in keeping with what the Liberal Party stands for and certainly that is why the individual is no longer a part of our team.”

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The trouble comes from the concept that enthusiasm is an excuse - as if Trudeau were a small child who simply could not help himself from dressing up in Jamaican garb and singing the banana boat song... because, gosh, it was just so fun!

That Trudeau is a relatively liberal politician living in a relatively liberal country - one that markets itself as a haven of multiculturalism and tolerance and, in many ways, actually is - likely amplified the problem.

He never learned a lesson because he was always getting gold stars for doing relatively liberal things.