14 September 2019

Infamous "cloak of invisibility" killers...

...strike yet again...toronto's most wanted

One person is dead and five people are in hospital after a shooting in Mississauga, Peel police say. It's very early in the investigation, there are multiple suspects but no descriptions have been released.
Here's the thing... those evil guns don't just escape and fire themselves. I'm thinkin' somebody was pulling those triggers.


UPDATE: Hang on, here's a clue...
"There were reports a music video was being shot in the area where the shooting occurred."
Wait a minute... there's a correction coming in. Hmmm... and you can smell the federally subsidised "professional" journalism...insert alt text here
A music video was being filmed behind the building, but it's unknown if the shooting was related to that filming in any way.

Police are searching for "multiple individuals armed with semi-automatic weapons," who fled from the area after the shooting.
Individuals, huh? Hey, maybe it was Ralph Goodale's infamous right-wing Neo-Nazis. You go CBC!!!


UPDATE2: Nice try CBC... let's ask Chief Chris McCord...
Another music video filmed at the location last week is believed to have motivated the attack, McCord said, adding that “information within that rap video that is challenging other people within the community.”

More than 100 shell casings have been recovered from the area so far, but officers are continuing to comb the scene.
That's some "community" you've got there, brah.