29 September 2019

Toronto Star attempts Jedi mind trick...

...makes things worse for "Prime Minstrel"...

The new video clearly shows a Toucan and also Justin with a banana-like object stuffed down his pants.
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The article attempted to paint Justin’s detractors in a bad light for having initially mistaken a Toucan’s bill for a banana on Justin’s t-shirt in the original grainy clip that surfaced.

I suspect the next media talking point will describe Justin’s Banana Stuffing as cultural outreach, an homage to Black Men.
The Toronto Star, as usual, is falling all over itself to exonerate the Boy Emperor.

If this had been Stephen Harper, the media would have set fire to his kids.


Anonymous said...

Too true
It's a war
That's how they treat it, we're slow to cotton on
Don't feed the msm a penny, anywhere, or in any form

Neo Conservative said...

in other msm news... the globe & mail
sicced a 5 man hit team on guy who
gave time magazine the justin video.