21 September 2019

“The CAUCASITY of it all”

"Persons who visited the cafe were shocked and insulted when presented with the dish"...
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Swedish furniture company IKEA transgressed against wokedness by adding jerk chicken to their cafe menu in the UK. Their version of the Caribbean dish featured white rice and green peas.

This is racist, because when people in the Caribbean say “rice and peas,” they mean “rice and kidney beans.”
The horror... I mean, it's not like UK "communities" have any bigger fish to fry...insert alt text here
"Figures reported in April showed that 73 per cent of offenders and 53 percent of victims of knife crime were of a black or minority ethnic background."

The victim of a fatal shooting in Scarborough on Thursday night has been identified as 25-year-old Charankan Chandrakanthan. Police say he was found in a vehicle suffering from two gunshot wounds.
Ask yourself... which story has upset the left more... jerk chicken or murder?