24 September 2019

Good call there, Clouseau

Remember, these are the guys you're counting on when it's a life or death situation...insert alt text here

Toronto police are investigating after the discovery of human remains in a garbage bin in North York.

The cause of death is unknown and it is being...
(wait for it)... "treated as suspicious."
Yeah, Sarge, we gotta get out ahead of this thing.

UPDATE: A pass on a dismembered body...

...now I'm really scared...
Police are not releasing any information regarding the deceased person or why the circumstances surrounding the death weren’t considered criminal. They say there is no threat to public safety.

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Police said Whitchurch-Stouffville resident Saranraj Sivakumar was arrested on Sunday. He was charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.

LAST WORD: Can't be too careful, apparently...
OPP spokesperson Sgt. Carolle Dionne says police are no longer releasing the gender of people who are charged with crimes. The Police Services Act does not require that information to be made public.

Dionne says she is not aware of any complaints to the OPP over the release of gender information.