22 September 2019

Tried & true "Labrador Retriever" defense...

..."LOOK, LOOK... SQUIRREL!!!"...insert alt text here

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged a ban on “military-grade” semiautomatic rifles in an attempt to redirect his campaign after his blackface controversy.

City News reports that Trudeau announced the rifle ban on Friday in Greektown, Toronto, the area of the city in which a gunman shot 15 people, killing two, last year.
I'm sure the bought & paid for Canadian media is all over this. Of course, not a single Canadian shooting has been perpetrated with an AR15. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

To paraphrase the late, great Jeff Cooper...
"It's a complicated and expensive solution to a problem that doesn't even exist."
The semi-automatic (one bullet at a time) AR15 is classified as a "restricted rifle" which already means Canadians with a regular firearms license have to go an extra step to acquire one. In Canada rifles are also restricted to five round magazines and you can only use this particular gun on a "restricted rifle" range.

In stark contrast, a "military grade" assault rifle is a fully automatic machine gun with 20 & 30 round magazines used by soldiers & SWAT teams.

Unlike, say... the Arab Middle East, where tossing rice at weddings has largely been supplanted by firing AK47s into the air, the Canadian public does not get to lay eyes - never mind hands - on machine guns. Ever.

Note that the AR15 is the same calibre and capacity as, for instance, Ruger's Mini-14... which can be purchased in any gun store in Canada. Trudeau's announcement is meaningless posturing of the worst sort.insert alt text hereThe AR15 doesn't begin to approach the lethality & capability of the .762 Remington M700, a much-loved staple of the Canadian deer-hunting community... and the US Marines Combat-Hunter program.

And FWIW... the Beaches shooter was a disaffected Muslim whose criminal brother (currently and for the forseeable future in a self-induced opioid coma at taxpayer expense) was tied to the guy arrested for Canada's largest-ever fentanyl seizure.

insert alt text hereThe salient point here, is that the gun used in the Beaches shooting spree, as in virtually all Canadian criminal shootings was an illegal, unregistered handgun.

Trudeau's latest "solution" is the equivalent of solving drunk driving by banning automobiles.

Wake up and smell the misdirection.


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In August, 2018, amid a national debate over a handgun ban following a deadly shooting in Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood, The Globe set out to answer one question central to that debate: Where do the guns used in crimes come from?


BDFT said...

It's useless to argue semantics with these people. You know as well as I do that by "military grade" they mean AR15s, Swissarms, SKSs, Tavors etc. Pretty soon your long range bolt action rig (sniper rifle) that looks scary will have to be handed in. They will never stop. After guns it will be knives.

Neo Conservative said...

i know, it's like trying to reason
with an alien abductee. there is
no way on earth, pun intended that
you're gonna convince these folk
they weren't anally probed by a
bizarre looking creature from

but i have to try anyway.


Craig C said...

An AR-15 was until recently considers to small for deer, because it is a .22 caliber. Nothing close to a high powered hunting rifle like a 300 mag. AR15 are a really good varmint rifle, really.

Neo Conservative said...

it's accepted wisdom around here
that .223 is a marginal calibre
for deer.

gimme an engine block cracking
30 calibre for that one shot

ask your local cop what he's
most afraid of encountering.