07 September 2019

Say... isn't there a word for that?

Oh, yeah... SEGREGATION...insert alt text here

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill -- now a staff writer for The Atlantic -- argues in her controversial first article for the magazine that black college athletes should leave predominantly white schools.
I guess nobody's gonna be drinking out of the wrong water fountains now, huh Jemele?

Even Ontario's squishy left has a problem with scholastic segregation. So they say.


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...horrible, racist Torontonians...
Last year, Superior Court Justice Shaun Nakatsuru handed Kevin Morris, a 26-year-old first-time offender, a sentence of 15 months in custody – further reduced by three months for charter breaches related to his arrest – on account of the disadvantages and systemic anti-black racism he had faced growing up in Toronto.
insert alt text hereKevin Morris didn't shoplift some food for his impoverished siblings... he was caught carrying an illegal, unregistered gun. And there's plenty of reasons he's not a productive member of society...
Morris was raised by a single mother in a neighbourhood with high levels of violence and criminal activity. He was stabbed twice in his youth and never graduated high school.
Guessing he wasn't stabbed by the "privileged white oppressors" in his hood.


LAST WORD: Thank you Kathleen Wynnd-farm
“When I first started on the job as an officer 30 years ago, a guy like Mascud Asser, who was caught with a gun would be facing a year in the can,” said a veteran police officer. “But with the bail reform from the previous Liberal government not anymore.”

Asser, who is in his twenties, was released on $25,000 bail with no down payment.