19 September 2019

Remember... it's not really "racism"...

...it's over-exuberant enthusiasm...insert alt text here

“The fact of the matter is that I’ve always - and you’ll notice - been more enthusiastic about costumes than somehow is sometimes appropriate. But these are the situations that I regret deeply,” Trudeau said.
...and, apparently a fetish for cosmetics...
So, Trudeau can regret what he did, and say (a nice common touch) that he’s “pissed off” at himself, but as he kept talking Wednesday night, it was clear — by the references to brownface as makeup, by several allusions to the picture happening many years ago — that he was cutting himself the slack he has denied to so many others.

He’s different, you see. He can judge the rest of us harshly, but not himself.

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During the last election, Marc Garneau ran for PM.

His background...BA Science degree in Engineering Physics, Doctorate in Electrical Engineering, retired military officer, former astronaut, engineer, President of the Canadian Space Agency, ninth Chancellor of Carlton University.

Justin Boy has a famous last name. The Liberal party chose Justin Boy.